The INFOMIMET directory disseminates important information sources for the mining, mineral and metallurgical sectors in the context of sustainable development. Its main objective is to help students, researchers, consultants, enterpreneurs, librarians, and other professionals, since it facilitates the search, selection and retrieval of information most suitable to any of their interests/purposes.  INFOMIMET includes:

-  896 databases (228 proprietary and 668 public domain) - see explanations about the types of selected databases;

-  links to 88 database producers and/or distributors;

-  links to more than 720 disclosed computer codes and commercial software and to websites of their producers and/or distributors;

-  10,180 websites, being 2,025 from Brazil and 8,155 from more than 110 countries - see explanations about the contents of categories for these sites.

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Public domain databases : available free-of-charge through the Internet. Under this category, 39 brazilian databases and 629 databases from various countries are related in alphabetical order of their names. Direct links to the database websites are provided.

Proprietary databases : may be accessed online, via WWW, or via their CD-ROM or DVD versions; nevertheless, information search and retrieval is never free-of-charge. Final users of these databases have to pay subscription fees or, in some cases, there are alternative charges for occasional accesses only. Under this category, 228 database descriptions are provided; for each database, you will find direct links to the websites of their producers and/or host systems.
Proprietary databases can be of various types. You may search databases which only disclose bibliographical references, or others which allow you to recover full texts of documents / publications, and also some which enable you to retrieve numerical data and graphics. These databases have been organized in groups, according to the areas/subjects included, so to facilitate your selection.

Worth highlighting are proprietary databases related to:

    metals, alloys and metallic compounds
    mining and metallurgical processes
    business and mineral economy
    environmental issues
    equipment and mining techniques
    legislation and regulations
    occupational health and safety
    standards and specifications


Brazilian websites as well as sites from various countries have been carefully selected, most of which contain public domain information - only few sites offer undisclosed data and charge subscriptions for their use.

In the "Websites" section you will be guided to:

    Associations, Labour Unions and Scientific Societies;
    Consulting Companies and Non-Governmental Institutions;
    Governmental Bodies (Ministries, Secretaries and State Departments);
    Library Holdings, abstracts and full texts of serials and other publications available online;
    Manufacturers of Equipment and Industrial Machinery;
    Mining and Metallurgical Industries;
    Scientific and Technological R&D Centres;
    Standardization and Industrial/Intellectual Property Offices;
    Universities and their Departments / Divisions / Research Groups;
    Other Portals with information for the mining, mineral and metallurgical sectors.

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Prof. Dr. Carmen Lucia Branquinho

Last update on November 11, 2008.
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