Mining and Mineral Prospecting Companies
    A-CAP Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    A1 Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    ABACUS Mining & Exploration Corporation   (Canada)
    ABBASTAR Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    ABCOURT Mines Inc.   (Canada)
    ABEN Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ABINGTON Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ABITIBI Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    ABM Resources NL   (Australia)
    ABRA Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    ACADIAN Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    ACCENT Resources NL   (Australia)
    ACCLAIM Exploration NL   (Australia)
    ACF Minera S.A.   (Chile ; belongs to Independent Iodine Co., headquartered in Belgium)
    ACME Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    ACREX Ventures Ltd.   (Canada)
    ADANAC Molybdenum Corporation   (Canada)
    ADAVALE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ADELAIDE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ADEX Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    ADITYA BIRLA Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    ADMIRALTY Resources NL   (Australia)
    ADRIANA Resources Inc.   (Canada and Brazil)
    ADROIT Resources Inc.   (Canada and Belgium)
    ADVENTURE Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    AFFERRO Mining Inc.   (England)
    AFRICA URANIUM Ltd.   (Australia)
    AFRICAN CONSOLIDATED Resources Plc   (England)
    AFRICAN COPPER Plc   (England)
    AFRICAN EAGLE Resources Plc   (England)
    AFRICAN ENERGY Resources Ltd.   (Guernsey/United Kingdom and Australia)
    AFRICAN GOLD Group Inc.   (Canada)
    AFRI-CAN MARINE Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    AFRICAN METALS Corporation   (Canada)
    AFRICAN MINERALS Ltd.   (England)
    AFRICAN QUEEN Mines Ltd.   (Canada, with operations in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique and Namibia)
    AFRICAN RAINBOW Minerals Ltd.   (South Africa)
    AFRICO Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    AGNICO-EAGLE Miners Ltd.   (Canada)
    AGRICOLA Resources Plc   (England)
    AGUILA American Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    AKA Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    AKKERMAN Exploration B.V.   (Netherlands)
    ALACER GOLD Corporation   (Australia, Turkey and USA)
    ALAMOS Gold Inc.   (Canada, Mexico and Turkey)
    ALARA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ALBA Mineral Resources Plc   (England and Ireland)
    ALBERTA COAL Corporation   (Cayman Islands, England and Monaco)
    ALBIDON Ltd.   (Australia)
    ALCOA Inc.   (corporate office in USA, but operates in 45 countries - see map)
    ALCYONE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ALDERON Iron Ore Corporation   (Canada)
    ALDERSHOT Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ALDRIDGE Minerals Inc.   (Canada and Turkey)
    ALEXANDER Mining Plc   (England)
    ALEXANDER PROUDFOOT Management Consulting Group   (headquarters in USA, and operation offices in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa and United Kingdom)
    ALEXANDRIA Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    ALEXIS Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    ALEXCO Resource Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    ALHAMBRA Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ALIX Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ALKANE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ALL AMERICAN GOLD Corporation   (USA)
    ALL STAR Minerals Plc   (England)
    ALLIANCE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ALLIED GOLD Ltd.   (Australia)
    ALLIED NEVADA Gold Corporation   (USA)
    ALLOY Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ALMADEN Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    ALPHA GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    ALPHA Natural Resources Inc.   (USA)
    ALPHAMIN Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    ALROSA JSC   (Russia)
    ALTAI Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    ALTIUS Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    ALTO Ventures Ltd.   (Canada)
    ALTONA Energy Plc   (England, Achina and Australia)
    ALTONA MINING Ltd.   (Australia and Finland)
    ALTURA Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    ALTURAS Minerals Corporation   (Canada and Peru)
    ALTYNTAU Resources JSC   (Kazakhstan)
    ALUMINA Ltd.   (Australia)
    ALUMINUM Corporation of China Ltd.   (China ; site only in chinese)
    AM Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    AMADOR Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    AMANTA Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Thailand)
    AMARILLO Gold Corporation   (Canada and Brazil)
    AMCOL International Corporation   (USA ; see also AMCOL Specialty Minerals)
    AMERICAN BONANZA Gold Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    AMERICAN CREEK Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    AMERICAN MANGANESE Inc.   (Canada)
    AMERIGO Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    AMERIX Precious Metals Corporation   (Canada)
    AMI Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    AMSECO Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    AMUR Minerals Corporation   (Russia)
    ANACONDA Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    ANCHOR Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ANDEAN AMERICAN Gold Corporation   (Canada and Peru)
    ANDEANGOLD Ltd.   (Canada)
    ANDINA Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    ANDOVER Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    ANGEL Mining Plc   (England)
    ANGLESEY Mining Plc   (Wales)
    ANGLO AMERICAN Plc   (headquarters in England, and branches in Australia , Brazil , Chile , China , India , Luxembourg and South Africa)
    ANGLO AMERICAN PLATINUM Ltd.   (South Africa)
    ANGLO ASIAN Mining Plc   (Azerbaijan)
    ANGLO AUSTRALIAN Resources NL   (Australia)
    ANGLO-CANADIAN Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI Ltd.   (South Africa)
    ANGLO PACIFIC Group Plc   (England)
    ANGLO SWISS Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    ANIMAS Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ANOORAQ Resources Corporation   (South Africa)
    ANTIOQUIA Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    ANTOFAGASTA Plc   (England and Chile)
    ANTORO Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    ANVIL Mining Ltd.   (Australia, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa)
    APAC COAL Ltd.   (Australia and Singapore)
    APEX Minerals NL   (Australia)
    APM - Advanced Primary Minerals Ltd.   (Canada and USA)
    APOGEE Silver Ltd.   (Canada)
    APOLLO Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    APPALACHES Ressources Inc.   (Canada)
    APPIA Energy Corporation   (Canada)
    AQM Copper Inc.   (Canada, Chile and Peru)
    AQUARIUS Platinum Ltd.   (Australia and South Africa)
    AQUILA Resources Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    AQUILA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ARAFURA Resources Ltd.   (Australia and China)
    ARASI S.A.C.   (Peru)
    ARC Exploration Ltd.   (Australia and Indonesia)
    ARCELOR MITTAL Group   (corporate offices in England and Luxembourg, and operations in more than 20 countries)
    ARCH COAL Inc.   (USA)
    ARCHER Exploration Ltd.   (Australia)
    ARCO Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    ARCTIC STAR Exploration Corporation   (Canada)
    ARCTURUS Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    AREVA Group NC   (France ; see mining operations and AREVA Resources Canada)
    ARGENTEX Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    ARGO Exploration Ltd.   (Australia)
    ARGONAUT Resources NL   (Australia and Lao People's Democratic Republic)
    ARGOSY Minerals Inc.   (Australia)
    ARGUS Metals Corporation   (Canada)
    ARGYLE Diamond Mine   (Australia; belongs to RIO TINTO Diamonds)
    ARIAN SILVER Corporation   (England, Canada and Mexico)
    ARIANA Resources Plc   (England)
    ARICOM Plc   (Russia)
    ARLP - Alliance Resource Partners LP   (USA)
    ARMISTICE Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    ARROWHEAD Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    ART WILSON Co.   (USA)
    ARTEMIS Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ARTHA Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    ASCOT Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ASHBURTON Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    ASIA NOW Resources Corporation   (Canada and China)
    ASIAN Mineral Resources Co. Ltd.   (Thailand)
    ASIAN Mineral Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Vietnam)
    ASIAN STAR Development Inc.   (China)
    ASPIRE Mining Ltd.   (Australia and Mongolia)
    ASSAREL-MEDET Inc.   (Bulgaria)
    ASSMANG Ltd.   (South Africa)
    ASSORE Ltd.   (South Africa)
    ASTRO Resources NL   (Australia)
    ASX - Activex Ltd.   (Australia)
    ATAC Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ATHENA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ATLANTA Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    ATLANTIC Ltd.   (Australia)
    ATLANTIC COAL Plc   (England and USA)
    ATLANTIC GOLD NL   (Australia)
    ATLANTIC MINERALS Ltd.   (Canada)
    ATLANTIC MINING Corporation   (Australia)
    ATLAS Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation   (Philippines)
    ATLAS IRON Ltd.   (Australia)
    ATNA Resources Ltd.   (Canada and USA)
    ATOCHA Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    ATOMENERGOPROM - Joint Stock Company Atomic Energy Power Corporation   (Russia)
    AUGUR Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    AUGUSTA Resource Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    AUGUSTINE Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    AUGYVA Mining Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    AURA ENERGY Ltd.   (Australia)
    AURA MINERALS Inc.   (Canada)
    AURA SILVER Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    AURAMEX Resource Corporation   (Canada)
    AURCANA Corporation   (Canada)
    AUREA Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    AURICO Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    AURIGA Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    AURIUM Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    AURIZON Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    AURORA Energy Ltd.   (Canada)
    AURORA GOLD Corporation   (Switzerland and Brazil)
    AURORA Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    AURUM Mining Plc   (England)
    AUSAMERICAN Mining Corporation NL   (Australia and USA)
    AUSGOLD Ltd.   (Australia)
    AUSMON Resources Ltd.   (Australia and China)
    AUSQUEST Ltd.   (Australia)
    AUSSIE Q Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    AUSTPAC Resources NL   (Australia)
    AUSTRAL GOLD Ltd.   (Australia)
    AUSTRALIAN MINES Ltd.   (Australia)
    AUSTRALIAN ZIRCON NL   (Australia)
    AUZEX Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    AVALON Minerals Ltd.   (Australia and Sweden)
    AVALON Rare Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    AVANCO Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Brazil)
    AVANTI Mining Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    AVENTINE Resources Plc   (Ireland)
    AVINO Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    AVION Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    AVNEL Gold Mining Ltd.   (England and Mali)
    AVOCET Mining Plc   (England and Burkina Faso ; alternative site)
    AXG Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    AXIOM Mining Ltd.   (Australia and Hong Kong/China)
    AXMIN Inc.   (Canada)
    AZIMUT Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    AZIMUTH Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Guyana)
    AZUMAH Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Ghana)
    AZURE MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    AZURE RESOURCES Corporation   (Canada)
    BACTECH Mining Corporation   (Canada ; has split into two new companies - REBGOLD Corporation and BACTECH Environmental Corporation)
    BADGER Mining Corporation   (USA)
    BAFFINLAND Iron Mines Corporation   (Canada)
    BAJA Mining Corporation   (Canada and Mexico)
    BAKERVILLE Gold Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    BALAMARA Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Montenegro)
    BANDANNA Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    BANDERA Gold Ltd.   (Canada)
    BANNERMAN Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    BANPU Public Company Ltd.   (Thailand)
    BANRO Corporation   (Canada)
    BAOBAB Resources Plc   (Australia)
    BAOGANG Group   (Inner Mongolia/China)
    BARD Ventures Ltd.   (Canada)
    BARKER Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    BARRA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    BARRANCO Resources NL   (Australia)
    BARRICK Gold Corporation   (corporate office in Canada and operations in various countries - see, for example, Barrick South America)
    BASE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    BASS Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    BATAVIA Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    BATHURST Resources Ltd.   (Australia and New Zealand)
    BAYFIELD Ventures Corporation   (Canada)
    BAYSWATER Uranium Corporation   (Canada)
    BCD Resources NL   (Australia)
    BC IRON Ltd.   (Australia)
    BCGOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    BCM Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    BEACON HILL Resources Plc   (England, Australia and Mozambique)
    BEACON MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    BEAR CREEK Mining Corporation   (Canada and Peru)
    BEAR LAKE Gold Ltd.   (Canada)
    BEAUFIELD Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    BELL COPPER Corporation   (Canada)
    BELLHAVEN Copper & Gold Inc.   (Canada and Panama)
    BELMONT Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    BELO SUN Mining Corporation   (Canada and Brazil)
    BELVEDERE Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Finland)
    BEMAX Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    BENGUET Corporation   (Philippines)
    BENTON Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    BENTONITE JSC   (Bulgaria)
    BEOWULF Mining Plc   (England and Sweden)
    BERKELEY Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Spain)
    BERKWOOD Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    BHP Billiton Group   (corporate offices in Australia, England and Singapore but operates in various countries - see map)
    BIFOX - Compañía Minera de Fosfatos Naturales Ltda.   (Chile)
    BIG RED Diamond Corporation   (Canada)
    BIRIMIAN Gold Ltd.   (Australia)
    BITTERROOT Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    BLACK BULL Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    BLACK FIRE Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    BLACK HAWK Exploration Inc.   (USA)
    BLACK PANTHER Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    BLACK RANGE Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    BLACK RIDGE Mining NL   (Australia)
    BLACKHAM Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    BLACKSTONE Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    BLACKTHORN Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Burkina Faso)
    BLASCHAK Coal Corporation   (USA)
    BLAZE International Ltd.   (Australia)
    BLINA Minerals NL   (Australia)
    BLUE MINING Corporation Ltd.   (Gibraltar)
    BLUE NOTE Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    BLUE SKY Uranium Corporation   (Argentina and Canada)
    BLUESTONE Resources Inc.   (Canada ; belongs to Discovery Group)
    BMG - Brazilian Metals Group Ltd.   (Australia)
    BOGATYR Coal LLP   (Kazakhstan)
    BOLERO Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    BOLIDEN AB   (headquarters in Sweden and operations in various countries)
    BONANZA Opal Mines Inc.   (USA)
    BOSS Power Corporation   (Canada)
    BOTSWANA METALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    BOUGAINVILLE Copper Ltd.   (Papua New Guinea and Australia ; alternative site)
    BOUNTY Mining Ltd.   (Australia ; contract mining company)
    BOWEN Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    BOWMORE Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    BOXXER Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    BRALORNE Gold Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    BRAVADA Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    BRAVO Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    BRAZILIAN GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    BREAKAWAY Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    BRENNTAG Latin America   (belongs to BRENNTAG Group, headquartered in Germany but with subsidiaries in more than 60 countries)
    BRIGADIER Gold Ltd.   (Canada)
    BRIGUS Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    BRILLIANT Resources Inc.   (Canada and Australia ; belongs to the DISCOVERY Group)
    BRITANNICA Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    BROCKMAN Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    BROOKMOUNT Exploration Inc.   (USA and Peru)
    BRUMBY Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    BUCHANS Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    BUCKINGHAM Exploration Inc.   (Australia, Canada and USA)
    BULLABULLING Gold Ltd.   (Australia)
    BULLION MONARCH Mining Inc.   (USA)
    BUREY Gold Ltd.   (Australia, Ghana and Guinea Republic)
    BURNSTONE Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    CABIA Goldhills Inc.   (Canada and Colombia)
    CADAN Resources Corporation   (Canada and Philippines)
    CADILLAC MINING Corporation   (Canada)
    CADILLAC VENTURES Inc.   (Canada)
    CAERUS Resource Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    CALAIS Resources Inc.   (USA)
    CALDERA Resources Inc.   (Canada and Armenia)
    CALEDON Resources Plc   (England and Australia)
    CALEDONIA Mining Corporation   (Canada, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe)
    CALELLO Hnos. Marmoles y Granitos S.A   (Argentina)
    CALIBRE Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    CALICO Resources Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    CALLABONNA Uranium Ltd.   (Australia)
    CALLINAN Royalties Corporation   (Canada)
    CALYPSO Uranium Corporation   (Canada and Argentina)
    CAMBRIDGE Mineral Resources Plc   (England)
    CAMECO Corporation   (Canada and Australia)
    CAMINO Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    CANACO Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    CANADA GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    CANADA LITHIUM Corporation   (Canada)
    Canadian ARROW MINES Ltd.   (Canada)
    CANADIAN MINING Company Inc.   (Canada)
    CANADIAN OREBODIES Inc.   (Canada)
    CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES Ltd.   (Canada, Gabon, Ivory Coast and Scotland)
    CANADIAN ROYALTIES Inc.   (Canada)
    CANADIAN ZINC Corporation   (Canada)
    CANALASKA Uranium Ltd.   (Canada)
    CANARC Resource Corporation   (Canada)
    CANASIA Industries Corporation   (Canada)
    CANASIL Resources Inc.   (Canada and Mexico)
    CAN-CAL Resources Ltd.   (Canada and USA)
    CANCANA Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    CANCOR Mines Inc.   (Canada)
    CANDENTE COPPER Corporation   (Canada and Peru)
    CANDENTE GOLD Corporation   (Canada and Mexico)
    CANGOLD Ltd.   (Canada)
    CANICKEL Mining Ltd.   (Canada)
    CANSTAR Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    CANTERRA Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    CANTEX Mine Development Corporation   (Canada)
    CANUC Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    CANYON Copper Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    CAP Minería S.A.   (Chile)
    CAPE ALUMINA Ltd.   (Australia)
    CAPELLA Resources Ltd.   (Canada and USA)
    CAPITAL GOLD Corporation   (USA)
    CAPITAL MINING Ltd.   (Australia)
    CAPSTONE Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    CARBINE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    >CARBINE TUNGSTEN Ltd.   (Australia)
    CARBON ENERGY Ltd.   (Australia)
    Carbones del CERREJÓN Llc   (Colombia)
    Carbones de la GUAJIRA S.A.   (Venezuela)
    Carbones del GUASARE S.A.   (Venezuela)
    CARDERO Resource Corporation   (Canada)
    CARIBOO ROSE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    CARLIN GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    CARMAX Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    CARNAVALE Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Germany)
    CARPATHIAN Gold Inc.   (Canada, Brazil and Romania)
    CARTA Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    CARVILE - Carbonifera Victoria de Lebu S.A.   (subsidiary of ENACAR - Empresa Nacional del Carbón S.A., Chile)
    CASCADERO Copper Corporation   (Canada)
    CASCADIA Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    CASH Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    CASSIDY Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    CASTILLIAN Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    CASTLE MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    CASTLE PEAK Mining Ltd.   (Canada)
    CASTLE RESOURCES Inc.   (Canada)
    CASTLEMAINE Goldfields Ltd.   (Australia)
    CATALYST Copper Corporation   (Canada and Mexico)
    CATALYST Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    CAULDRON Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    CAVAN Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    CAZALY Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    CEDAR MOUNTAIN Exploration Inc.   (Canada ; belongs to Discovery Group)
    CEDIMIN - Compañia de Exploraciones, Desarrollo e Inversiones Mineras S.A.C.   (Peru)
    CELTIC MINERALS Ltd.   (Canada)
    CEMENTOS LIMA S.A.A.   (Peru)
    CEMENTOS PACASMAYO   (Peru - see corporate profile)
    CEMIN - Compañia Explotadora de Minas   (Chile)
    CENTAMIN Plc   (Australia, Egypt and England)
    CENTAURUS Metals Ltd.   (Australia and Brazil)
    CENTENNIAL COAL Co. Ltd.   (Australia)
    CENTERRA Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    CENTRAL ASIA GOLD AB   (Sweden and Russia)
    CENTRAL RANDGOLD Ltd.   (South Africa)
    CENTRAL RESOURCES Corporation   (Canada)
    CENTREX Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    CENTROMIN - Empresa Minera del Centro del Perú   (Peru ; this enterprise has been privatized and its mining exploration projects have been assimilated by companies headquartered in different countries)
    CENTURION Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    CENTURY ALUMINIUM Co.   (USA and Iceland)
    CENTURY Iron Mines Corporation   (Canada and Hong Kong/China)
    CERRO DORADO Inc.   (USA and Chile)
    CERRO GRANDE Mining Corporation   (Canada and Chile)
    CERRO Resources NL   (Australia and Mexico)
    CFI - Canada Fluorspar Inc.   (Canada)
    CGA Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    CGE - Clean Global Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    CGM - China National Geological & Mining Corporation   (China)
    CGM - Consolidated General Minerals Plc   (England and Switzerland)
    CGN - Compañía Guatemalteca de Níquel   (Guatemala ; CGN is now a subsidiary of Solway Investment Group Ltd., headquartered in Cyprus and with mining operations in various countries)
    CHALICE GOLD Mines Ltd.   (Australia, Canada and Eritrea/Africa)
    CHAMPION BEAR Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    CHAMPION MINERALS Inc.   (Canada)
    CHANNEL Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    CHARIOT Resources Ltd.   (Peru and Canada)
    CHESAPEAKE Gold Corporation   (Canada and Mexico)
    CHESSER Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    CHINA COAL Energy Co. Ltd.   (China - detailed information only in chinese)
    CHINA GOLD International Resources Corporation Ltd.   (Canada and Mongolia)
    CHINA MINERALS Mining Corporation   (Canada and China)
    CHINA MOLYBDENUM Co. Ltd.   (China)
    CHINA NATIONAL GOLD Group Corporation   (China)
    China SHEN ZHOU Mining & Resources Inc.   (China and USA)
    CHINA YUNNAN Copper Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    CHURCHILL Mining Plc   (Australia and Indonesia)
    CI Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    CIC ENERGY Corporation   (Bahamas, Botswana and South Africa)
    CIGMA Metals Corporation   (Canada)
    CITIGOLD Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    CLANCY Exploration Ltd.   (Australia)
    CLAUDE Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    CLEVELAND Mining Co. Ltd.   (Australia and Brazil)
    CLIFFS Natural Resources Inc.   (headquarters in USA and operational offices in Australia, Canada, Chile, China and Japan)
    CLIFTON Mining Co.   (USA)
    CLIFTON STAR Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    CLINE Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    CLUFF GOLD Plc   (England)
    CMH - Consorcio Minero HORIZONTE S.A.   (Peru)
    CMP - Compañía Minera del Pacífico S.A.   (Chile)
    CMQ Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    CMT - Copper Mines of Tasmania   (Australia)
    CNMIM - China NonFerrous Metals International Mining Co. Ltd.   (China)
    CNNC - China National Nuclear Corporation   (China)
    CNU - Compania Nationala a Uraniului S.A.   (Romania)
    COAL INDIA Ltd.   (India)
    COAL of AFRICA Ltd.   (Australia and South Africa)
    COALBANK Ltd.   (Australia)
    COALWORKS Ltd.   (Australia)
    COBAR Consolidated Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    CODELCO - Corporación Nacional del Cobre   (Chile ; alternative site)
    COEUR D'ALENE Mines Corporation   (USA)
    COGITORE Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    COKAL Ltd.   (Australia)
    COLIBRI Resource Corporation   (Canada)
    COLOMBIA CREST Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    COLOMBIAN MINES Corporation   (Canada and Colombia)
    COLOSSUS Minerals Inc.   (Canada and Brazil)
    COLUMBIA YUKON Explorations Inc.   (Canada)
    COLUMBUS GOLD Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    COLUMBUS SILVER Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    COLT Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    COMACSA - Compañía Minera Agregados Calcareos S.A.   (Peru)
    COMARSA - Compañía Minera Aurifera Santa Rosa S.A.   (Peru)
    COMET Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    COMIBOL - Corporación Minera de Bolivia   (Bolivia)
    COMMANDER Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    COMMERCE GROUP Corporation   (USA)
    COMMERCE RESOURCES Corporation   (Canada)
    Compañía de Minas BUENAVENTURA   (Peru)
    Compañia Minera ANTAMINA S.A.   (Peru)
    Compañía Minera AUTLAN S.A.B.   (Mexico)
    Compañía Minera CARAVELI S.A.   (Peru)
    Compañía Minera CERRO NEGRO S.A.   (Chile)
    Compañía Minera DONA INES DE COLLAHUASI S.C.M.   (Chile)
    Compañía Minera MANTOS DE LA LUNA S.A.   (Chile)
    Compañía Minera MILPO S.A.   (Peru)
    Compañía Minera RAURA S.A.   (Peru)
    Compañía Minera SAN GERONIMO   (Chile)
    Compañía Minera SAN IGNACIO DE MOROCOCHA S.A.   (Peru)
    Compañía Minera TECK QUEBRADA BLANCA S.A.   (Chile)
    Compañía Minera TRENDIX S.A.   (Argentina)
    Compañía Minera ZALDIVAR   (Chile ; now belongs to BARRICK Sudamérica)
    COMPASS Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    Complejo Minero Fabril SAN RAFAEL   (Argentina ; belongs to Comisión Nacional de Energia Atomica)
    COMSTOCK Mining Inc.   (USA)
    CONCORDIA Resource Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    CONDOR Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    CONDOR Resources Plc   (England)
    CONNEMARA Mining Co. Plc   (Ireland)
    CONQUEST Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    CONSOL Energy Inc.   (USA)
    CONSOLIDATED MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia, Jersey/Channel Islands and Ghana)
    CONSOLIDATED TIN MINES Ltd.   (Australia)
    CONSTANTINE Metal Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    CONTINENTAL GOLD Ltd.   (Bermuda, Canada and Colombia)
    CONTINENTAL PRECIOUS Minerals Inc.   (Canada and Sweden)
    CONVERGENT Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    COOPER Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    COPPER FOX Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    COPPER KING Mining Corporation   (USA)
    COPPER RANGE Ltd.   (Australia)
    COPPER RESOURCES Corporation   (Australia)
    COPPER RIDGE Explorations Inc.   (Canada)
    COPPER STRIKE Ltd.   (Australia)
    CORAL GOLD Resources Ltd.   (Canada and USA)
    COREX Gold Corporation   (Canada and Mexico)
    CORNERSTONE Capital Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    CORO Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    CORONADO Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    CORRIENTE Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    CORSA Coal Corporation   (Canada)
    CORTONA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    COTTER Corporation   (USA; affiliated to General Atomics)
    COUGAR Metals NL   (Australia)
    COVENTRY Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    CREAM Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    CRESCENT GOLD Ltd.   (Australia)
    CRESCENT RESOURCES Corporation   (Canada)
    CREW GOLD Corporation   (England and Canada)
    CROSSHAIR Energy Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    CROSSLAND Uranium Mines Ltd.   (Australia)
    CROWN GOLD Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    CRUSADER Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Brazil)
    CRYSTALLEX International Corporation   (Canada)
    CST Mining Group Ltd.   (Hong Kong/China)
    CUDECO Ltd.   (Australia)
    CUE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    CUERVO Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    CULLEN Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    CUMCO Pty Ltd.   (Australia)
    CURNAMONA Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    CURRIE ROSE Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    CVG BAUXILUM C.A.   (Venezuela)
    CVG MINERVEN - Compañía General de Minería de Venezuela C.A.   (Venezuela - see other companies affiliated to CVG-Corporación Venezolana de Guayana)
    CYPRESS Development Corporation   (Canada)
    DALUR JSC   (belongs to ARMZ Uranium Holding Co., Russia)
    DANNEMORA Mineral AB   (Sweden)
    DARNLEY BAY Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    DART Mining NL   (Australia)
    DATONG Coal Mine Group   (China)
    DE BEERS Group   (corporate office in Luxembourg and operations in Angola, Botswana, Canada, India, Namibia and South Africa; see also DE BEERS CANADA Exploration Inc.)
    DE GREY Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    DEBSWANA Diamond Co. Pty Ltd.   (Botswana)
    DEEP YELLOW Ltd.   (Australia and Namibia)
    DELRAND Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    DELTA URANIUM Inc.   (Canada)
    DENISON Mines Corporation   (Canada, Mongolia, USA and Zambia)
    DENGCAO Coal Mine Group Co. Ltd.   (China)
    DENTONIA Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    DENVER GOLD Group   (USA)
    DESERT EAGLE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    DESERT GOLD Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    DESERT MINES and Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    DETOUR GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    DGR Global Ltd.   (Australia)
    DHANOA Minerals Ltd.   (USA)
    DHARNI SAMPDA Pvt Ltd.   (India)
    DIA BRAS Exploration Inc.   (Canada, Mexico and Peru)
    DIADEM Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    DIAMCOR Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    DIAMO State Enterprise   (Czech Republic)
    DIAMOND DISCOVERIES International Corporation   (Canada)
    DIAMOND FIELDS International Ltd.   (Canada)
    DIAMONDCORP Plc   (England)
    DIAMONDEX Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    DIAMONDS NORTH Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    DIAMONEX Ltd.   (Australia and Botswana)
    DIANOR Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    DIATREME Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    DIAVIK Diamond Mines Inc.   (Canada; belongs to Rio Tinto Group)
    DIOS Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    DIR Exploration Inc.   (USA)
    DISCOVERY-CORP Enterprises Inc.   (Canada)
    DITEM Explorations Inc.   (Canada)
    DMC Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    DML - Discovery Metals Ltd.   (Australia and Botswana)
    DNI Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    DOE RUN Co.   (USA; see also DOE RUN Peru)
    DONNER Metals Ltd.   (Canada)
    DOREX Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    DORATO Resources Inc.   (Canada and Peru)
    DOUGLAS LAKE Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    DOWA Metals & Mining Co.   (Japan; belongs to DOWA Holdings Co. Ltd.)
    DRAGON ENERGY Ltd.   (Australia and China)
    DRAGON MINING Ltd.   (Australia)
    DRAKE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    DRDGOLD Ltd.   (South Africa)
    Dredging ISTAR Plc   (Bulgaria)
    DRUMMOND Co. Inc.   (USA)
    DRUMMOND GOLD Ltd.   (Australia)
    DULUTH Metals Ltd.   (Canada and USA)
    DUNCAN PARK Holdings Corporation   (Canada)
    DUNDARAVE Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    DUNDEE Precious Metals Inc.   (Canada, Armenia, Bulgaria and Namibia)
    DURAN Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    DUTCH GOLD Resources Inc.   (USA)
    DYNACOR Gold Mines Inc.   (Canada and Peru)
    DYNASTY GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    DYNASTY Metals & Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    DYNASTY METALS Australia Ltd.   (Australia)
    EAGLE HILL Exploration Corporation   (Canada)
    EAGLE PLAINS Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    EARTHSTONE Group Holdings Ltd.   (Indonesia)
    EAST AFRICA RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    EAST ASIA MINERALS Corporation   (Canada)
    EASTCOAL Inc.   (Canada)
    EASTFIELD Group   (Canada)
    EASTMAIN Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    EASTPLATS - Eastern Platinum Ltd.   (Canada and South Africa)
    ECOMETALS Ltd.   (England)
    ECO ORO Minerals Corporation   (Canada and Colombia)
    ECR Minerals Plc   (England)
    EL CAPITAN Precious Metals Inc.   (USA)
    EL NIÑO Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    EL TIGRE Silver Corporation   (Canada)
    ELDORADO Gold Corporation   (Brazil, Canada, China, Greece and Turkey)
    ELDORE Mining Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    ELECTRA GOLD Ltd.   (Canada)
    ELEMENTAL MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia and South Africa)
    ELORO Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ELY Gold and Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    EMED Mining   (Cyprus, Slovakia and Spain)
    EMERGENT Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    EMERICK Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    EMGOLD Mining Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    EMPIRE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ENAMI - Empresa Nacional de Minería   (Chile)
    ENCORE Renaissance Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    ENCOUNTER Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ENDEAVOUR Mining Corporation   (Cayman Islands, Ghana and Australia)
    ENDEAVOUR SILVER Corporation   (Canada)
    ENDIAMA - Empresa Nacional de Diamantes de Angola E.P.   (Angola)
    ENDURANCE GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    ENERGIA Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    ENERGIZER Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    ENERGY and MINERALS Australia Ltd.   (Australia)
    ENERGY FUELS Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    ENERGY METALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    ENERGY VENTURES Ltd.   (Australia)
    ENK - European Nickel Plc   (England, Australia and Philippines)
    ENRC - Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation   (headquarters in Kazakhstan and operations in various countries)
    ENT - Enterprise Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    ENTOURAGE Mining Ltd.   (Canada)
    ENTRÉE GOLD Inc.   (Canada, Mongolia and USA)
    EPANGELO Mining Co. Pty Ltd.   (Namibia)
    EQUATORIAL Resources Ltd.   (Australia, Congo and England)
    ERA - Energy Resources of Australia Ltd.   (Australia)
    ERAMET Group   (headquarters in France and operations in various countries)
    ERD - Erdene Resource Development Corporation   (Canada)
    ERIN Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    ERO Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    ERONGO Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    ESKAY Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    ESO URANIUM Corporation   (Canada)
    ESPERANZA Resources Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    ESTRELLA GOLD Corporation   (Canada and Peru)
    ETI Aluminium Co. Inc.   (Turkey)
    EURASIA GOLD FIELDS Inc.   (Canada and Russia)
    EURASIA MINING Plc   (England and Russia)
    EURASIAN MINERALS Inc.   (headquarters in Canada and operations in Australia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and USA)
    EURO RESSOURCES S.A.   (France)
    EUROGOLD Ltd.   (Australia)
    EUROMAX Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    EUROPEAN GOLDFIELDS Ltd.   (England and Canada)
    EUROPEAN URANIUM Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    EVERETT Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    EVERTON Resources Inc.   (Canada and Dominican Republic)
    EVOLUTION Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    EVRAZ Group   (headquarters in Russia and operations in various countriesd - see map)
    EXCALIBUR MINING Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    EXCELLON Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    EXCO Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    EXETER Resource Corporation   (Canada, Australia and Chile)
    EXPEDITION Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    EXPLOR Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    Exploration TYPHOON Inc.   (Canada)
    EXTORRE Gold Mines Ltd.   (Canada, Australia and Argentina)
    EXTRACT Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    EXXARO Resources Ltd.   (South Africa)
    FAIRMOUNT Minerals   (USA)
    FAIRSTAR Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    FALCON MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    FCX - Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.   (USA)
    FE Ltd.   (Australia)
    FERREXPO Plc   (England, Switzerland and Ukraine)
    FERROWEST Ltd.   (Australia)
    FERRUM CRESCENT Ltd.   (Australia and South Africa)
    FIELDEX Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    FINDERS Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    FINLAY MINERALS Ltd.   (Canada)
    FIRESTEEL Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    FIRESTONE DIAMONDS Plc   (Botswana and England)
    FIRESTONE Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    FIRST BAUXITE Corporation   (Canada)
    FIRST COLOMBIA GOLD Corporation   (Colombia)
    FIRST GRAPHITE Corporation   (Canada)
    FIRST MAJESTIC Silver Corporation   (Canada)
    FIRST NICKEL Inc.   (Canada)
    FIRST POINT Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    FIRST QUANTUM Minerals Ltd.   (Australia, Canada, England and South Africa)
    FIRST URANIUM Corporation   (Canada and South Africa)
    FISCHER WATT Gold Co. Inc.   (USA)
    FISSION ENERGY Corporation   (Canada and Peru)
    FISSION ENERGY Ltd.   (Australia)
    FJORDLAND Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    FLINDERS Mines Ltd.   (Australia)
    FLUORMIN Plc   (England)
    FMG - Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.   (Australia)
    FOCUS Minerals Pty Ltd.   (Australia)
    FOCUS Ventures Ltd.   (Canada and Peru)
    FOMICRUZ - Fomento Minero de Santa Cruz S.E.   (Argentina)
    FORAN Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    FORBES & MANHATTAN Coal Corporation   (Canada and South Africa)
    FOREST GATE Energy Inc.   (Canada)
    FORMATION Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    FORSYS Metals Corporation   (Australia, Canada and Namibia)
    FORTE Energy NL   (Australia and England)
    FORTRESS Minerals Corporation   (Canada ; belongs to the LUNDIN Group)
    FORTUNA Silver Mines Inc.   (Canada, Mexico and Peru)
    FORTUNE Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    FORUM Uranium Corporation   (Canada)
    FOX Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    FRANCO-NEVADA Corporation   (Australia, Barbados, Canada and USA)
    FREEGOLD Ventures Ltd.   (Canada)
    FRESNILLO Plc   (Mexico)
    FRONTERA COPPER Corporation   (Canada and Mexico)
    FRONTIER MINING Ltd.   (England and Kazakhstan)
    FRONTIER RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    FULL METAL Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    G4G Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GABRIEL Resources Ltd.   (Canada and England)
    GALAHAD METALS Inc.   (Canada)
    GALANTAS Gold Corporation   (Canada and Ireland)
    GALAXY Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    GALENA International Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Portugal)
    GALILEE Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    GALLANT Minerals Peru Ltd.   (Canada and Peru ; now belongs to ESTRELLA Gold Corporation)
    GALORE Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    GALWAY Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GARIBALDI Resources Corporation   (Canada and Mexico)
    GARSON Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    GASCOYNE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    GATEWAY MINING NL   (Australia)
    GB ENERGY Ltd.   (Australia)
    GBM Gold Ltd.   (Australia)
    GCC - Grande Cache Coal Corporation   (Canada)
    GCM Resources Plc.   (England)
    GEM DIAMONDS Ltd.   (England, Australia, Botswana, Lesotho, Virgin Islands and South Africa)
    GEM INTERNATIONAL Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    GEMCO Minerals Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    GEMFIELDS Resources Plc   (England)
    GENERAL MINING Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    GENESIS MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    GENESIS RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    GEODEX Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    GEOLOGIX Explorations Inc.   (Canada)
    GEONOVUS Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    GEOPACIFIC Resources NL   (Australia and Fiji Islands)
    GEORGE FORREST International S.A.   (Belgium and Congo)
    GEOVIC Mining Corporation   (USA and Cameroon)
    GETTY Copper Inc.   (Canada)
    GFM Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GGG Resources Plc / BULLABULLING Gold Ltd.   (Australia and England)
    GGL Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    GIMPEX Ltd.   (India)
    GINDALBIE Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    GIPPSLAND Ltd.   (Australia)
    GITENNES Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    GLADIATOR Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Uruguay)
    GLASS EARTH Gold Ltd.   (New Zealand)
    GLENCORE International Plc   (Switzerland)
    GLENEAGLE Gold Ltd.   (Australia)
    GLOBAL ALUMINA Corporation   (USA)
    GLOBAL GEOSCIENCE Ltd.   (Australia)
    GLOBAL GOLD Corporation   (USA)
    GLOBAL HUNTER Corporation   (Canada)
    GLOBAL MINERALS Ltd.   (Canada and Slovakia)
    GLOBAL RESOURCES Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    GLOBE Metals and Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    GLOBEX Mining Enterprises Inc.   (Canada)
    GLOUCESTER Coal Ltd.   (Australia)
    GNCL - Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd.   (India)
    GOBIMIN Inc.   (Canada and Hong Kong/China)
    GOLCONDA Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GOLD ANOMALY Ltd.   (Australia)
    GOLD BULLION Development Corporation   (Canada)
    GOLD CANYON Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    GOLD FIELDS Ltd.   (corporate office in South Africa and operations in Australia, Canada, Chile, Ghana and Peru - see Gold Fields LA CIMA S.A.A.)
    GOLD FINDER Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    GOLD GROUP   (Canada - comprises 8 exploration companies : Rackla Metals Inc. ; Radius Gold Inc. ; Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. ; Iron Creek Capital Corp. ; Emerick Resources Corp. ; Focus Ventures Ltd. ; Western Pacific Resources Corp. ; Wesgold Minerals Inc.)
    GOLD ONE International Ltd.   (Australia and South Africa)
    GOLD PORT Resources Ltd.   (Canada and USA)
    GOLD RESOURCE Corporation   (USA)
    GOLD ROAD Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    GOLD WORLD Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    GOLDBROOK Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    GOLDCLIFF Resource Corporation   (Canada)
    GOLDCORP Inc.   (Canada, Guatemala and Mexico)
    GOLDEN ARROW Resources Corporation   (Canada and Argentina)
    GOLDEN BAND Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    GOLDEN CROSS Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    GOLDEN DAWN Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    GOLDEN DORY Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    GOLDEN EAGLE International Inc.   (USA)
    GOLDEN EAGLE Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    GOLDEN GOLIATH Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Mexico)
    GOLDEN PHOENIX Minerals Inc.   (USA)
    GOLDEN PREDATOR Corporation   (Canada)
    GOLDEN QUEEN Mining Co. Ltd.   (Canada)
    GOLDEN REIGN Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GOLDEN RIM Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    GOLDEN RIVER Resources Corporation   (Australia and Canada)
    GOLDEN SHARE Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    GOLDEN STAR Resources Ltd.   (USA and Canada)
    GOLDEN STATE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    GOLDEN TAG Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GOLDEN VALLEY Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    GOLDEN WEST Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    GOLDEX Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    GOLDEYE Explorations Ltd.   (Canada)
    GOLDGROUP Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    GOLD-ORE Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Sweden)
    GOLDPLAT Plc   (England and South Africa)
    GOLDQUEST Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    GOLDREA Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    GOLDRUSH Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GOLDSEARCH Ltd.   (Australia)
    GOLDSOURCE Mines Inc.   (Canada)
    GOLDSTAKE Explorations Inc.   (Australia, Canada and USA)
    GOLDSTONE Resources Ltd.   (Jersey/Channel Island, Gabon, Gana and Senegal)
    GOLDSTRIKE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GONDWANA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    GOSSAN Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GOVIEX Uranium Inc.   (Canada and Niger)
    GPM - GeoProMining Ltd.   (Cyprus and Russia)
    GPN - Gladstone Pacific Nickel Ltd.   (Australia)
    GRAN COLOMBIA GOLD Corporation   (Canada and Colombia)
    GRANDE PORTAGE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GRANDVIEW Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    GRANGE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    GRÄNGESBERG Iron AB   (Sweden)
    GRASSALCO - N.V. Grasshopper Aluminum Co.   (Suriname)
    GRAY ROCK Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GREAT BASIN Gold Ltd.   (Canada and South Africa)
    GREAT BEAR Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GREAT PANTHER Silver Ltd.   (Canada)
    GREAT QUEST Metals Ltd.   (Canada)
    GREAT WESTERN Exploration Ltd.   (Australia)
    GREAT WESTERN MINERALS Group Ltd.   (Canada)
    GREAT WESTERN MINING Corporation Plc   (England and Ireland)
    GREENCASTLE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    GREENLAND Minerals and Energy Ltd.   (Australia and Greenland)
    GREENOCK Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    GRIFFIN COAL Mining Co. Pty Ltd.   (Australia ; this company now belongs to the LANCO Infratech Ltd., headquartered in India)
    GRIFFIN Mining Ltd.   (England)
    GRIZZLY Discoveries Inc.   (Canada)
    Grupo BACIS S.A. de C.V.   (Mexico)
    Grupo DE BULLET S.A.S. Inversiones Minerales   (Colombia)
    Grupo MEXICO S.A.B. de C.V.   (Mexico)
    Grupo Minero LAS CENIZAS   (Chile)
    GRYPHON GOLD Corporation   (USA)
    GRYPHON MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    GSA Resources Inc.   (USA)
    GTI Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    GUANACO Cia. Minera   (Chile - now belonging to the australian AUSTRAL GOLD Ltd.)
    GUJARAT NRE Coke Ltd.   (India)
    GUJARAT NRE Coking Coal Ltd.   (Australia)
    GULF INDUSTRIALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    GULF International Minerals Ltd.   (Canada, England and Tajikistan)
    GULF MINES Ltd.   (Australia)
    GULF RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    GULFSIDE Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    GULLEWA Ltd.   (Australia)
    GUNPOINT Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    GUNSON Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    GUYANA GOLDFIELDS Inc.   (Canada)
    GV Gold / Vysochaishy OJSC   (Russia)
    HA LAM Coal JSC   (Vietnam ; site only in vietnamese)
    HALCO Mining Inc.   (Guinea ; the mining company now belongs to ALCOA Inc.)
    HALO Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    HAMBLEDON Mining Plc   (England and Kazakhstan)
    HAMMERSTONE Corporation   (Canada)
    HAMPTON HILL Mining NL   (Australia)
    HANNANS REWARD Ltd.   (Australia)
    HANSA Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    HAOMA Mining NL   (Australia)
    HAPPY CREEK Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    HARD CREEK Nickel Corporation   (Canada)
    HARMONY Gold Mining Co. Ltd.   (South Africa)
    HARRY WINSTON Diamond Corporation   (Canada)
    HARVEST GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    HAVILAH Resources NL   (Australia)
    HAWTHORN Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    HDI - Hunter Dickinson Inc.   (Canada - includes 8 mining companies)
    HEATHERDALE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    HEATHGATE Resources Pty Ltd.   (Australia)
    HECLA Mining Co.   (USA and Canada)
    HEEMSKIRK Consolidated Ltd.   (Australia)
    HELIO Resource Corporation   (Canada)
    HELIX Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    HERENCIA Resources Plc   (Australia)
    HERITAGE GOLD NZ Ltd.   (New Zealand)
    HERON Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    HI HO SILVER Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    HIGHBANK Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    HIGH DESERT Gold Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    HIGHLAND Gold Mining Ltd.   (Jersey/Channel Islands and Russia)
    HIGHLANDS PACIFIC Ltd.   (Australia and Papua New Guinea)
    HIGH RIVER Gold Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    HILL END Gold Ltd.   (Australia)
    HILLGROVE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    HILLSBOROUGH Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    HINDALCO Industries Ltd.   (headquarters in India and operations in various countries ; belongs to ADITYA BIRLA Group)
    HINDUSTAN COPPER Ltd.   (India)
    HINDUSTAN ZINC Ltd.   (India)
    HINTERLAND Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    HMZ Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    HOCHSCHILD Mining Plc   (headquarters in England and offices in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru)
    HODGES Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    HOMELAND ENERGY Group Ltd.   (Canada and South Africa)
    HOMELAND URANIUM Inc.   (Canada)
    HONEY BADGER Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    HORIZONTE Minerals Plc   (Canada and England)
    HORNBY BAY Mineral Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    HOUSTON LAKE Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    HUAKAN International Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    HUDBAY Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    HUDSON Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    HULDRA Silver Inc.   (Canada)
    I-MINERALS Inc.   (Canada)
    IAMGOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    IBERIAN Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    IBI Corporation   (Canada)
    ICL Fertilizers   (Israel and subsidiaries in several countries; belongs to ICL Group)
    ICN Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ICONIC Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    IC POTASH Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    IGE Resources AB   (Sweden and Kenya)
    ILUKA Resources Ltd.   (Australia, China and USA)
    IMAGE Resources NL   (Australia)
    IMMC - International Millennium Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    IMPACT MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    IMPACT SILVER Corporation   (Canada)
    IMPERIAL METALS Corporation   (Canada)
    IMPLATS - Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd.   (South Africa)
    IMX Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Tanzania)
    INDEPENDENCE GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    INDEPENDENCE Group NL   (Australia)
    INDIA RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    INDO Mines Ltd.   (Australia)
    INDOPHIL Resources NL   (Australia and Philippines)
    Industrias PEÑOLES S.A.   (Mexico - includes 6 mining companies)
    INFINITO Gold Ltd.   (Canada, Costa Rica and Venezuela)
    INMET Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    INSPIRATION Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    INTEC Ltd.   (Australia)
    INTEGRA GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    INTEGRA MINING Ltd.   (Australia)
    INTEGRATED RESOURCES Group Ltd.   (Australia)
    INTERCEPT Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    INTER-CITIC Minerals Inc.   (Canada and China)
    INTERMET Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    International ENEXCO Ltd.   (Canada)
    International GOLDFIELDS Ltd.   (Australia)
    INTERNATIONAL MINERALS Corporation   (USA, Ecuador and Peru)
    International MONTORO RESOURCES Inc.   (Canada)
    International NORTHAIR Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    International PBX Ventures Ltd.   (Canada)
    International RANGER Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    International SAMUEL EXPLORATION Corporation   (Canada)
    International TOWER HILL Mines Ltd.   (USA)
    INTREPID Mines Ltd.   (Australia and Canada)
    INV Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    INVESTIGATOR Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    IOC - Iron Ore Company of Canada   (Canada - now belongs to RIO TINTO Group)
    IRALCO - Iranian Aluminium Company   (Iran)
    IRONBARK Zinc Ltd.   (Australia and Greenland ; alternative site)
    IRONCLAD Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    IRON CREEK Capital Corporation   (Canada and Chile)
    IRON MOUNTAIN Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    IRON ORE Holdings Ltd.   (Australia)
    IRON SOUTH Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    ISHINE International Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ITM Mining Ltd.   (Angola)
    ITOCHU Corporation / Energy, Metals & Minerals Co.   (Japan)
    IVANHOE Australia Ltd.   (Australia)
    IVANHOE Mines Ltd.   (Canada and Mongolia)
    IVANY Mining Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    IVERNIA Inc.   (Canada and Australia)
    JABIRU Metals Ltd.   (Australia ; was acquired by the INDEPENDENCE Group NL)
    JAGUAR MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    JAGUAR Mining Inc.   (USA)
    JAMESON Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Canada)
    JAMES RIVER Coal Co.   (England and USA)
    JASPER Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    JAYDEN Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    JAZZ Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    JDC - Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group Mining Corporation   (headquarters in China and offices in Germany, Japan and USA)
    JELLINBAH Group   (Australia)
    JERVOIS Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    JET GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    JIANGXI COPPER Corporation   (China)
    JINDAL Steel & Power Ltd.   (headquarters in India and offices in various countries)
    JINDALEE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    JIPANGU Inc.   (Japan)
    JNMC - Jinchuan Group Ltd.   (China)
    JNR Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    JOGMEC - Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation   (Japan)
    JOURDAN Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    JSC TVEL Corporation   (subsidiary of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "ROSATOM", Russia)
    JUBILEE Platinum Plc   (England and South Africa)
    JUPITER Mines Ltd.   (Australia)
    JX NIPPON Mining and Metals Corporation   (Japan ; belongs to JX Holdings Inc.)
    KABOKO Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    KAGARA Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    KALAGADI Manganese Pty Ltd.   (South Africa)
    KALAHARI Minerals Plc   (England)
    KALIMANTAN Gold Corporation Ltd.   (Canada and Indonesia)
    KAMINAK Gold Corporation   (Canada ; pertence ao Discovery Group)
    KANGAROO Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Indonesia)
    KAOLIN Plc   (Bulgaria)
    KARMIN Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    K+S Potash Canada General Partnership   (Canada ; belongs to K+S Group, headquartered in Germany)
    KASBAH Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    KATANGA Mining Ltd.   (South Africa and Switzerland)
    KAZAKHMYS Plc   (England and Kazakhstan)
    KAZATOMPROM JSC   (uranium mining operations are led by GRK Mining Co., Kazakhstan)
    KAZZINC JSC   (Kazakhstan)
    KBL Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    KCM - Konkola Copper Mines Plc   (Zambia)
    KCM 2000 Group AD   (Bulgaria)
    KEEGAN Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    KEFI Minerals Plc   (Saudi Arabia and Turkey)
    KENMARE Resources Plc   (Ireland and Mozambique)
    KENNECOTT Utah Copper   (USA ; now belongs to RIO TINTO Group)
    KENT Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    KENTOR GOLD Ltd.   (Australia)
    KETTLE RIVER Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    KGHM Polska Miedz S.A.   (Poland)
    KHALKOS Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    KHAN Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    KIMBER Resources Inc.   (Canada and Mexico)
    KING ISLAND Scheelite Ltd.   (Australia)
    KING'S BAY Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    KINGSGATE Consolidated Ltd.   (Australia and Thailand)
    KINGSROSE Mining Ltd.   (Australia and Indonesia)
    KINROSS Gold Corporation   (Canada ; alternative site)
    KIRKLAND LAKE Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    KIRRIN Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    KISKA Metals Corporation   (Canada and Alaska)
    KIVALLIQ Energy Corporation   (Canada ; belongs to Discovery Group)
    KLONDEX Mines Ltd.   (USA)
    KLONDIKE GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    KLONDIKE SILVER Corporation   (Canada)
    KM Diamond Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    KNIGHT Metals Ltd.   (Canada)
    KOBEX Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    KOLA Mining Corporation   (Canada and Russia)
    KOOTENAY Silver Inc.   (Canada and Mexico)
    KORAB Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    KORES - Korea Resources Corporation   (headquarters in Korea and offices in various countries)
    KOREA ZINC Co. Ltd.   (Korea)
    KOSTANAI Minerals JSC   (Kazakhstan)
    KOZA ALTIN Isletmeleri A.S.   (Turkey)
    KPC - Kaltim Prima Coal   (Indonesia)
    KRAOMITA MALAGASY S.A.   (Madagascar)
    KRYSO Resources Plc   (China, England and Tajikistan)
    KUMBA Iron Ore Ltd.   (South Africa; belongs to the ANGLO AMERICAN Group)
    KWG Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    KYRGYZALTYN JSC   (Kyrgyzstan)
    LA MANCHA Resources Inc.   (Canada and Australia)
    LA RONGE Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    LABRADOR Iron Mines Holdings Ltd.   (Canada)
    LACONIA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    LAKE RESOURCES NL   (Australia)
    LAKE SHORE GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    LAKE VICTORIA Mining Co. Inc.   (USA and Tanzania)
    LANDORE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    LANNA Resources Public Co. Ltd.   (Thailand)
    LAPPLAND Goldminers AB   (Sweden)
    LARA Exploration Ltd.   (Canada, Brazil, China and Peru)
    LARAMIDE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    LARGO RESOURCES Ltd.   (Canada)
    LATIN AMERICAN MINERALS Inc.   (Canada, Argentina and Paraguay)
    LATIN GOLD Ltd.   (Australia)
    LATROBE Magnesium Ltd.   (Australia)
    LAURION Mineral Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    LEEWARD Capital Corporation   (Canada)
    LEGEND GOLD Corporation   (Canada and Republic of Mali/Africa)
    LEGEND MINING Ltd.   (Australia)
    LEIGHTON Asia   (headquartered in Hong Kong with branches in several Asian countries - see contract mining ; the company belongs to Leighton Holdings, Australia)
    LEVON Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    LEXAM VG Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    LEYSHON Resources Ltd.   (Australia and China)
    LHOIST Group   (headquarters in Belgium and subsidiaries in many other countries)
    Li3 ENERGY Inc.   (Chile and Peru)
    LIBERTY MINES Inc.   (Canada)
    LIBERTY RESOURCES Pty Ltd.   (Australia)
    LIBERTY STAR Uranium and Metals Corporation   (USA)
    LIDDELL Coal Operations Pty Ltd.   (Australia ; subsidiary of XSTRATA Coal)
    LINCOLN MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    LINCOLN MINING Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    LINEAR METALS Corporation   (Canada)
    LINGSHOU Minerals Processing Factory   (China)
    LINUX Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    LION SELECTION Group Ltd.   (Australia)
    LIONORE Mining International Ltd.   (acquired by Norilsk Nickel Australia)
    LIONS GATE Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    LIONTOWN Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    LITHIC Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    LKA International Inc.   (USA)
    LKAB - Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB   (headquarters in Sweden and subsidiaries in various countries)
    LOGAN COPPER Inc.   (Canada)
    LOGAN Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    LOMIKO Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    LONDON MINING Plc   (England, Colombia, Greenland, Oman and Sierra Leone)
    LONRHO Mining Plc   (Australia)
    LONMIN Plc   (England and South Africa)
    LOVITT Resources Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    LOY YANG Power Management Pty Ltd.   (Australia)
    LU'AN Mining Industry Group   (China)
    LUCARA Diamond Corporation   (Canada and Lesotho/Africa ; belongs to the LUNDIN Group)
    LUIRI Gold Ltd.   (Australia)
    LUMINA Copper Corporation   (Canada and Argentina)
    LUNA Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    LUND Gold Ltd.   (Canada)
    LUNDIN Mining Corporation   (Canada and England ; belongs to the LUNDIN Group)
    LYNAS Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    MA'ADEN Saudi Arabia Mining Company   (Saudi Arabia)
    MACARTHUR Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    MACDONALD MINES Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    MACRO ASIA Corporation   (Philippines)
    MACUSANI Yellowcake Inc.   (Canada)
    MADISON Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    MAG COPPER Ltd.   (Canada)
    MAG INDUSTRIES Corporation   (Canada, Congo and West Indies)
    MAG SILVER Corporation   (Canada)
    MAGELLAN METALS Pty Ltd.   (Australia)
    MAGELLAN MIMERALS Ltd.   (Canada)
    MAGMA Metals Ltd.   (Australia and Canada)
    MAGNA Mining NL   (Australia)
    MAGNETIC Resources NL   (Australia)
    MAGNUM Mining and Exploration Ltd.   (Australia)
    MAJESCOR Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    MAJESTIC Gold Corporation   (Canada and China)
    MALACHITE Resources NL   (Australia)
    MALAGA Inc.   (Canada and Peru)
    MALAGASY Minerals Ltd.   (Australia and Madagascar)
    MAMBA Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    MANAJEM - United Arabian Mining Co.   (Saudi Arabia)
    MANDALAY Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    MANGANESOS Atacama S.A.   (belongs to CAP Group, Chile)
    MANICOUAGAN Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    MANSFIELD Minerals Inc.   (Canada and Argentina)
    MANSON CREEK Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    MANTLE DIAMONDS Canada Inc.   (Canada)
    MANTLE MINING Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    MARATHON Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    MARENGO Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    MARENICA Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    MARIANA Resources Ltd.   (Guernsey/British Isles, Argentina, Australia and Chile)
    MARIFIL Mines Ltd.   (Canada and Argentina)
    MARINE Mining Corporation   (Canada and Ghana)
    MARMOTA Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    MARSA - Minera Aurífera Retamas S.A.   (Peru)
    MARUBENI Corporation   (headquarters in Japan and subsidiaries in all continents)
    MATAMEC Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    MATILDA Zircon Ltd.   (Australia)
    MATSA Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Thailand)
    MAUDORE Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    MAWARID Mining Co.   (Sultanate of Oman)
    MAWSON Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Sweden)
    MAWSON WEST Ltd.   (Australia)
    MAX Resource Corporation   (Canada)
    MAXIMUS Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    MAXTECH Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    MAYA Gold and Silver Inc.   (Canada)
    MAYFAIR Mining and Minerals Inc.   (USA and England)
    MBMI Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    McARTHUR River Mining Pty Ltd.   (Australia ; it now belongs to XSTRATA ZINC)
    McEWEN MINING Inc.   (Canada)
    MDL - Mineral Deposits Ltd.   (Australia and Senegal)
    MDN Inc.   (Canada and Tanzania)
    MECHEL OAO   (headquarters in Russia and production facilities in various countries)
    MEDALLION Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    MEDITERRANEAN Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    MEDUSA Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    MEGA Precious Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    MEGA URANIUM Ltd.   (Australia and Canada)
    MEGASTAR Development Corporation   (Canada)
    MELKIOR Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    MENGOLD Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    MENIKA Mining Ltd.   (Canada)
    MERAFE Resources Ltd.   (South Africa)
    MERCATOR MINERALS Ltd.   (Canada and USA)
    MERREX Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    MESA Exploration Corporation   (Canada)
    MESSINA Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    METALCORP Inc.   (Canada)
    METALEX Ventures Ltd.   (Canada)
    METALINE Contact Mines   (USA)
    METALLICA Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    METALLUM Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    METALORE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    METALS AUSTRALIA Ltd.   (Australia)
    METALS CREEK Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    METALS EXPLORATION Plc   (England and Philippines)
    METALS X Ltd.   (Australia)
    METANOR Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    METEORIC Resources NL   (Australia)
    METMINCO Ltd.   (Australia and Chile)
    METOREX Ltd.   (South Africa, Congo and Zambia - now a subsidiary of the Jinchuan Group Co. Ltd., headquartered in the Philippines)
    METROPOLITAN Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    MEXIVADA Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    MHM Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    MICREX Development Corporation   (Canada)
    MICRONIZED South Africa Ltd.   (South Africa)
    MIDAS GOLD Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    MIDAS Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    MIDASCO Capital Corporation   (Canada and Colombia)
    MIDLAND Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    MIDLANDS MINERALS Corporation   (Canada)
    MIDWAY GOLD Corporation   (USA)
    MIE Metals Corporation   (Canada)
    MIL Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    MILL BAY Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    MILLENNIUM Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    MILLROCK Resources Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    MILLSTREAM Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    MINANDEX - Minera Andina de Exploraciones S.A.A.   (Peru)
    MINARA Resources Ltd.   (Australia ; wholly owned by GLENCORE International Plc, headquartered in Switzerland)
    MINAURUM Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    MINCO Gold Corporation   (Canada and China)
    MINCO Plc   (Ireland and Mexico)
    MINCO SILVER Corporation   (Canada and China)
    MINCOR Resources NL   (Australia)
    MINDAX Ltd.   (Australia)
    MINDORO Resources Ltd.   (Australia, Canada and Philippines)
    MINEFINDERS Corporation Ltd.   (Canada and USA)
    MINELCO AB   (headquarters in Sweden and subsidiaries in many countries)
    MINEMAKERS Ltd.   (Australia)
    Minera ALUMBRERA Ltd.   (Argentina ; now a joint venture operation between  XSTRATA Copper, GOLDCORP Inc. and YAMANA Gold)
    Minera CHINALCO Peru S.A.   (Peru ; belongs to CHINALCO-Aluminum Corporation of China)
    Minera EL TESORO   (Chile - belongs to Grupo ANTOFAGASTA MINERALS Group)
    Minera ESCONDIDA Ltda.   (Chile - operated by BHP Billiton)
    Minera ESPERANZA   (Chile - belongs to Grupo ANTOFAGASTA MINERALS Group)
    Minera IRL Ltd.   (Peru)
    Minera LOS PELAMBRES   (Chile - belongs to ANTOFAGASTA MINERALS Group)
    Minera MICHILLA S.A.   (Chile - belongs to Grupo ANTOFAGASTA MINERALS Group)
    Minera POLUX S.A. de C.V.   (Mexico)
    Minera SANTA RITA S.R.L.   (Argentina)
    Minera VALLE CENTRAL S.A.   (Chile)
    Minera YANACOCHA S.R.L.   (Peru)
    Minero Siderurgica de PONTFERRADA S.A.   (Spain)
    MINERSA - Minerales y Productos Derivados S.A.   (Spain - belongs to MINERSA Group)
    MINING PROJECTS Group Ltd.   (Australia)
    MINMETALS Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Hong Kong/China ; alternative site)
    MINOTAUR Exploration Ltd.   (Australia)
    MINSUR - Minera del Sur S.A.   (Peru)
    MINTAILS Ltd.   (Australia and South Africa)
    MIRABELA Nickel Ltd.   (Australia and Brazil)
    MIRANDA GOLD Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    MIRASOL Resources Ltd.   (Canada, Argentina and Australia)
    MISTANGO RIVER Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    MITHRIL Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    MITSUBISHI Corporation / Metals Group   (Japan ; >alternative site)
    MITSUI & Co. Ltd.   (Japan)
    MITSUI-KINZOKU Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd.   (Japan - see metals, minerals and environmental engineering : site 1 and site 2)
    MMAKAU Mining   (South Africa)
    MOD Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    MOIL - Manganese Ore India Ltd.   (India)
    MOLY MINES Ltd.   (Australia and Canada)
    MOLYCOR GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    MOLYCORP Inc.   (USA)
    MONAX Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    MONETA PORCUPINE Mines Inc.   (Canada)
    MONG DUONG Coal JSC   (Vietnam ; site only in vietnamese)
    MONGOLIAN Mining Corporation   (Mongolia)
    MONSTER URANIUM Corporation   (Canada)
    MONTERRICO Metals Plc   (Hong Kong/China and Peru)
    MONTEZUMA Mining Co. Ltd.   (Australia)
    MONTO Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    MONUMENT Mining Ltd.   (Canada)
    MORNING STAR Gold N.L.   (Australia)
    MOSHER Limestone Co. Ltd.   (Canada)
    MOSQUITO Consolidated Gold Mines Ltd.   (Canada, Australia and USA)
    MOUNT BURGESS Mining NL   (Australia)
    MOUNT GIBSON Iron Ltd.   (Australia)
    MOUNT MAGNET South NL   (Australia)
    MOUNTAIN BOY Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    MOUNTAIN LAKE Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    MOUNTAIN PROVINCE Diamonds Inc.   (Canada)
    MOYDOW Resources Ltd.   (Canada, Ghana and Ireland)
    MPH Ventures Corporation   (Canada)
    MPJML - Madhya Pradesh Jaypee Minerals Ltd.   (now a subsidiary of the JAYPEE Group, India)
    MRC - Mineral Commodities Ltd.   (Australia and South Africa)
    MSC - Malaysia Smelting Corporation Berhad   (headquarters in Malaysia and subsidiaries in Australia and Indonesia)
    MT. ISA METALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    MTI - Minerals Technologies Inc.   (headquarters in the USA and subsidiaries in more than 40 countries)
    MUNDO Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    MUNDORO Capital Inc.   (Canada)
    MURCHISON Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    MURGOR Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    MURRAY Energy Corporation   (USA)
    MUSGROVE Minerals Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    MUSTANG Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    MUTINY Gold Ltd.   (Australia)
    MWANA AFRICA Plc   (England and South Africa)
    MYSORE Minerals Ltd.   (India)
    NAG - North American Gem Inc.   (Canada)
    NAGAMBIE Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    NAMAKWA Diamonds Ltd.   (Bermuda and South Africa)
    NAMDEB Diamond Corporation Pty Ltd.   (Namibia)
    NAMEX Explorations Inc.   (Canada)
    NAMIBIAN RESOURCES Plc   (England)
    NANIKA Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    NATASA Mining Ltd.   (Australia and England)
    NAUTILUS Minerals Inc.   (Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Tonga)
    NAVASOTA Resources Ltd.   (now belongs to ANGLO ALUMINIUM Corporation headquartered in Canada)
    NAVIGATOR Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    NCL - Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd.   (India)
    NEBU Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    NEO ALLIANCE Minerals Inc.   (China)
    NEPTUNE Minerals Inc.   (Australia and USA)
    NETWORK Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    NEVADA COPPER Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    NEVSUN Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    NEWCREST Mining Ltd.   (Australia, Indonesia, Ivory Coast and Papua New Guinea)
    NEW DAWN Mining Corporation   (Canada and Zimbabwe)
    NEW DIMENSION Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    NEWERA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    NEW GOLD Inc.   (Canada)
    NEW GUINEA GOLD Corporation   (Canada and Australia)
    NEW HOPE Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    NEW MILLENNIUM Iron Corporation   (Canada)
    NEWMONT Mining Corporation   (headquarters in USA, and operations in Australia, Canada, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand and Peru ; see also NEWMONT Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia)
    NEW NADINA Explorations Ltd.   (Canada)
    NEW OROPERU Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    NEW PACIFIC Metals Corporation   (Canada)
    NEWPORT Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    NEWPORT GOLD Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    NEW SHOSHONI Ventures Ltd.   (Canada)
    NEWSTRIKE Capital Inc.   (Canada and Mexico)
    NEWTON GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    NEW WORLD Resource Corporation   (Canada)
    NEX METALS Explorations Ltd.   (Australia)
    NFC - China NonFerrous Metal Industry's Foreign Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd.   (headquarters in China and many subsidiaries)
    NGEX Resources Inc.   (Canada ; belongs to the LUNDIN Group)
    NICKEL ASIA Corporation   (Philippines)
    NICKEL MOUNTAIN Resources AB   (Sweden)
    NICKELORE Ltd.   (Australia)
    NIKOS Explorations Ltd.   (Canada)
    NIMRODEL Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    NIOCAN - Niobium Canada Inc.   (Canada)
    NIOGOLD Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    NITTETSU Mining Co. Ltd.   (Japan ; site only in japanese)
    NKWE Platinum Ltd.   (Australia and South Africa)
    NMC Resource Corporation   (Canada and South Korea)
    NMDC - National Mineral Development Co. Ltd.   (India)
    NMMC - Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat   (Uzbekistan)
    NOBLE METAL Group Inc.   (Canada)
    NOBLE Mineral Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    NORD Resources Corporation   (USA)
    NORILSK Nickel Group   (headquarters in Russia, and operations in Australia, Botswana, Finland and South Africa)
    NORONT Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    NORSEMAN Gold Plc   (Australia)
    NORTEC Minerals Corporation   (Canada, Ecuador and Finland)
    NORTH AMERICAN GEM Inc.   (Canada)
    NORTH AMERICAN TUNGSTEN Corporation Ltd.   (Canada)
    NORTH AUSTRALIAN Diamonds Ltd.   (Australia)
    NORTH BAY Resources Inc.   (USA)
    NORTH COUNTRY Gold Corporation   (Canada ; belongs to Discovery Group)
    NORTHAM Platinum Ltd.   (South Africa)
    NORTHERN ABITIBI Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    NORTHERN DYNASTY Minerals Ltd.   (Canada and Alaska/USA)
    NORTHERN ENERGY Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    NORTHERN FREEGOLD Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    NORTHERN LION Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    NORTHERN MANGANESE Ltd.   (Australia)
    NORTHERN MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    NORTHERN MINING Ltd.   (Australia)
    NORTHERN SHIELD Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    NORTHERN SUPERIOR Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    NORTHLAND Resources S.A.   (Sweden, Luxembourg and Finland)
    NORTH RIVER Resources Plc   (headquarters in England, and operations in Mozambique and Namibia)
    NORTHWEST RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    NORTON Gold Fields Ltd.   (Australia)
    NOVAGOLD Resources Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    NQ Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    NRP - Natural Resource Partners LP   (USA)
    NSR - Northern Star Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    NUBIAN Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    NUCOAL Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    NUINSCO Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    NUPOWER Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    NWM Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    NWT URANIUM Corporation   (Canada)
    NYOTA Minerals Ltd.   (Australia and England)
    NYRSTAR NV   (Belgium and Switzerland)
    NZ LEGACY - New Mexico & Arizona Land & Energy Development Co.   (USA)
    O.T. Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    OCEANA GOLD Corporation   (Australia, New Zealand and Philippines)
    ODIN Mining and Exploration Ltd.   (Canada and Ecuador)
    ODYSSEY Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    OKD A.S.   (Czech Republic)
    OKLO Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    OLYMPUS Pacific Minerals Inc.   (Canada and Vietnam)
    OMC - Orissa Mining Corporation Ltd.   (India)
    OPAL HORIZON Ltd.   (Australia)
    ORACLE Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    ORBITE Aluminae Inc.   (Canada)
    ORD RIVER Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    OREMEX Silver Inc.   (Canada)
    OREX EXPLORATION Inc.   (Canada)
    OREX MINERALS Inc.   (Canada)
    OREZONE Gold Corporation   (Canada, Burkina Faso and Niger)
    Original SIXTEEN TO ONE Mine Inc.   (USA)
    ORION GOLD NL   (Australia)
    ORION METALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    ORKO Silver Corporation   (Canada)
    ORMONDE Mining Plc   (Ireland)
    ORO Mining Ltd.   (Canada and Mexico)
    OROMIN Explorations Ltd.   (Canada)
    OROSUR Mining Inc.   (Chile and Uruguay)
    OROYA Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    ORSA Ventures Corporation   (Canada)
    ORSU Metals Corporation   (England, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan ; alternative site)
    ORTAC Resources Ltd.   (British Virgin Islands, England and Slovak Republic)
    ORVANA Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    OSISKO Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    OTIS Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    OURD - Overseas Uranium Resources Development Co. Ltd.   (Japan)
    OUTBACK Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    OVERLAND Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Canada)
    OVOCA GOLD Plc   (Ireland and Russia)
    OXBOW Corporation   (headquarters in USA and subsidiaries in more than 20 countries)
    OXUS GOLD Plc   (England, Malta and Uzbekistan)
    OZ MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia and Cambodia)
    PACIFIC BAY Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    PACIFIC BOOKER Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    PACIFIC CASCADE Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    PACIFIC COMOX Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    PACIFIC IRON ORE Corporation   (Canada)
    PACIFIC NIUGINI Ltd.   (Australia)
    PACIFIC NORTH WEST Capital Corporation   (Canada)
    PACIFIC ORE Ltd.   (Australia)
    PACIFIC RIDGE Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    PACIFIC RIM Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    PACIFIC WILDCAT Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    PACMAG Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    PACRIM ENERGY Ltd.   (Australia and Papua New Guinea)
    PADAENG Industry Public Co. Ltd.   (Thailand)
    PADANG Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    PADBURY Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    PALABORA Mining Co. Ltd.   (South Africa ; belongs to RIO TINTO Group)
    PALADIN Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    PALLADON Ventures Ltd.   (Canada)
    PAN AFRICAN Mining Corporation   (Canada and Madagascar)
    PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES Plc   (England and South Africa)
    PAN AMERICAN SILVER Corporation   (headquarters in Canada and operations in Argentina , Bolivia , Mexico , Peru and USA)
    PAN ASIA Corporation Ltd.   (Australia and Indonesia)
    PAN PACIFIC Copper Co. Ltd.   (Japan)
    PANAUST Ltd.   (Australia, Chile and Lao People's Democratic Republic)
    PANCON - Pancontinental Uranium Corporation   (Canada)
    PANGOLIN Diamonds Corporation   (Canada and Botswana)
    PANORAMIC Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    PANORO Minerals Ltd.   (Canada and Peru)
    PANTERRA Gold Ltd.   (Australia, Dominican Republic and Ecuador)
    PAPILLON Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    PARADIGM Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    PARAGON Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    PARAMOUNT Gold and Silver Corporation   (USA)
    PARAMOUNT Mining Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    PATAGONIA Gold Plc   (England and Argentina)
    PATRIOT COAL Corporation   (USA)
    PATRIOT GOLD Corporation   (USA)
    PEABODY Energy Inc.   (headquarters in USA and offices in Australia, China, Indonesia and Singapore)
    PEACE RIVER Coal Inc.   (Canada ; belongs to ANGLO AMERICAN Plc)
    PEAK Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    PEBBLE CREEK Mining Ltd.   (Canada and India)
    PEDIMENT Gold Corporation   (Canada and Mexico)
    PEEL Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    PEGASUS Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    PEGMONT Mines Ltd.   (Australia)
    PELANGIO Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    PELE MOUNTAIN Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    PELICAN Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    PENINSULA Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    PENINSULAR GOLD Ltd.   (Jersey/Channel Islands and Malaysia)
    PEPINNINI Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    PEREGRINE Diamonds Ltd.   (Canada)
    PERILYA Ltd.   (Australia)
    PERSEUS Mining Ltd.   (Australia, Ghana and Ivory Coast)
    PERSHIMCO Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    PETAQUILLA Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    PETMIN Ltd.   (South Africa)
    PETRA Diamonds Ltd.   (Belgium, England, Jersey/Channel Islands and South Africa)
    PETRO ONE Energy Corporation   (Canada)
    PETROPAVLOVSK Plc   (England and Russia)
    PHILEX Mining Corporation   (Philippines)
    PHILLIPS RIVER Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    PHOENIX COAL Co. Inc.   (USA)
    PHOENIX COPPER Ltd.   (Australia)
    PHOSPHATE Australia Ltd.   (Australia)
    PIEDMONT Mining Co. Inc.   (USA)
    PIKE RIVER Coal Ltd.   (New Zealand)
    PIONEER Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    PITCHSTONE Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    PLANET Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    PLANET METALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    PLATA PANAMERICANA S.A.   (Mexico; subsidiary of Pan American Silver Corporation)
    PLATINEX Inc.   (Canada)
    PLATINUM AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd.   (Australia and South Africa)
    PLATINUM GROUP METALS Ltd.   (Canada and South Africa)
    PLATMIN Ltd.   (South Africa)
    PLATO Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    PLATSEARCH NL   (Australia)
    PLAYFAIR Mining Ltd.   (Canada)
    PLUTON Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    PMI Gold Corporation   (Australia, Canada and Ghana)
    PMR - Prime Meridian Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    PODEROSA Mining Corporation   (Peru)
    POLAR STAR Mining Corporation   (Canada and Chile)
    POLARIS Metals Pty Ltd.   (Australia)
    POLO Resources Ltd.   (British Virgin Islands and South Africa)
    POLYMET Mining Corporation   (USA)
    POLYMETAL JSC   (Russia)
    POLYMETALS Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    POLYUS Gold International Ltd.   (England, Kazakhstan and Russia)
    PORTEX Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    POSEIDON Nickel Ltd.   (Australia)
    POTASH Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    POWER Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    POWERTECH Uranium Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    PPGHO - Priargunsky Mining and Chemical Works JSC   (Russia)
    PRAIRIE DOWNS Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    PREMIER Gold Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    PREMIUM Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    PRETIUM Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    PRIME MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    PRIMERO Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    PRIZE MINING Corporation   (Canada)
    PROBE Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    PRODIGY Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    PRO MINERALS Inc.   (Canada)
    PROMINEX Resource Corporation   (Canada)
    PROPHECY COAL Corporation   (Canada and Mongolia)
    PROPHECY PLATINUM Corporation   (Canada)
    PROSPECTOR Consolidated Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    PROSPERITY Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    PROTO Resources and Investments Ltd.   (Australia)
    PT ADARO   (Indonesia; alternative site)
    PT ANTAM (Persero) Tbk   (Indonesia)
    PT. BUMI Resources Tbk   (Indonesia)
    PT FREEPORT Indonesia Co.   (Indonesia; subsidiary of Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.)
    PT TIMAH (Persero) Tbk   (Indonesia)
    PUGET Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    PUMA Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    PURE NICKEL Inc.   (Canada)
    PUREPOINT Uranium Group Inc.   (Canada)
    Q-GOLD Resources Ltd.   (Canada and USA)
    QIAO XING Universal Resources Inc.   (China)
    QUADRA FNX Mining Ltd.   (Canada ; now called KGHM International Ltd., since it has been acquired by KGHM Polska Miedz S.A. headquartered in Poland)
    QUADRO Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    QUATERRA Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    QUEENSLAND Mining Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    QUEENSTON Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    QUEST Rare Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    RADISSON Mining Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    RADIUS Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    RAG Deutsche Steinkohle AG   (Germany)
    RAINY MOUNTAIN Royalty Corporation   (Canada)
    RAINY RIVER Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    RAM Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    RAMBLER Metals and Mining Plc   (Canada and England)
    RAMELIUS Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    RANDGOLD & Exploration Co. Ltd.   (South Africa)
    RANDGOLD RESOURCES Ltd.   (Jersey/Channel Islands)
    RANGE RIVER Gold Ltd.   (Australia)
    RAPU-RAPU Minerals Inc.   (Philippines)
    RARE EARTH and METALS Plc   (England)
    RARE EARTH METALS Inc.   (Canada)
    RARE ELEMENT Resources Ltd.   (USA)
    RATHDOWNEY Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Ireland)
    RBM - Richards Bay Minerals   (South Africa)
    REAL GOLD Mining Ltd.   (Hong Kong and Mongolia/China)
    RED 5 Ltd.   (Australia)
    REDBANK Copper Ltd.   (Australia)
    REDHAWK Resources Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    RED HILL Iron Ltd.   (Australia)
    REDHILL Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    RED METAL Ltd.   (Australia)
    RED RIVER Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    RED TIGER Mining Inc.   (Canada and Mexico)
    RED ROCK Energy Inc.   (Canada)
    RED ROCK Resources Plc   (England)
    REDSTAR GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    REDSTONE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    REDTAIL Metals Corporation   (Canada)
    REED Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    REEDY LAGOON Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    REGAL Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    REGENCY Mines Plc   (England)
    REGENT Ventures Ltd.   (Canada)
    REGIS Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    RELIANCE Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Indonesia)
    REMSTAR Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    RENAISSANCE Gold Inc.   (USA)
    RENISON Consolidated Mines NL   (Australia)
    REPUBLIC GOLD Ltd.   (Australia)
    RESERVOIR Capital Corporation   (Canada and Serbia)
    RESOLUTE Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    RESOLVE Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    RESOURCE & INVESTMENT NL   (Australia)
    RESOURCE BASE Ltd.   (Australia)
    RESOURCE GENERATION Ltd.   (Australia and South Africa)
    RESOURCE STAR Ltd.   (Australia)
    Ressources APPALACHES Inc.   (Canada)
    Ressources d'ARIANNE Inc.   (Canada)
    Ressources Minières PRO-OR Inc.   (Canada)
    Ressources SIRIOS Inc.   (Canada)
    REUNION Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    REVETT Minerals Inc.   (USA)
    REX Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    REY Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    RICHLAND Resources Ltd.   (Bermuda)
    RICHMOND Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    RICHMONT Mines Inc.   (Canada)
    RIDGE RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    RIDGEWAY Energy Ltd.   (England)
    RIEDEL Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    RIMFIRE Pacific Mining NL   (Australia)
    RIO ALTO Mining Ltd.   (Canada and Peru)
    RIO NOVO Gold Inc.   (Canada and Brazil)
    RIO SILVER Inc.   (Canada)
    RIO TINTO Mining Corporation   (corporate offices in Australia, Belgium, Canada, England and USA ; see also RIO TINTO ALCAN)
    RIVER HILL Coal Co.   (USA)
    RIVERSTONE Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    RJK Explorations Ltd.   (Canada)
    RMA Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    RMC - Resource Mining Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    ROBEX Resources Inc.   (Canada and Mali)
    ROBUST Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ROCA Mines Inc.   (Canada)
    ROCHE BAY Plc   (Gibraltar and Canada)
    ROCHESTER Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ROCKCLIFF Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    ROCKGATE Capital Corporation   (Canada)
    ROCK TECH Lithium Inc.   (Canada)
    ROCMEC Mining Inc.   (Canada)
    RODINIA Lithium Inc.   (Canada)
    ROGUE Iron Ore Corporation   (Canada)
    ROMARCO Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    ROME Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    ROMIOS Gold Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    ROSEBUD Mining Co.   (USA)
    ROSIA MONTANA Gold Corporation S.A.   (Romania)
    ROSS RIVER Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    RÖSSING Uranium Ltd.   (Namibia; belongs to RIO TINTO Group)
    ROX Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ROYAL GOLD Inc.   (USA)
    ROYAL QUANTUM Group Inc.   (Canada)
    ROYAL Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    ROYAL STANDARD Minerals Inc.   (USA)
    ROYALCO Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    RSMML - Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Ltd.   (India)
    RT Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    RUBIANNA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    RUBICON MINERALS Corporation   (Canada)
    RUBICON RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    RUM JUNGLE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    RUNNING FOX Resource Corporation   (Canada)
    RUPERT Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    RUSAL United Company   (headquarters in Russia and operation in more than 10 countries)
    RUSINA Mining NL   (Australia and Philippines)
    RUSORO Mining Ltd.   (Canada, Russia and Venezuela)
    RUSSIAN COAL Co.   (Russia)
    RUUKKI GROUP Plc   (Finland and South Africa)
    RYE PATCH Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    S & B Industrial Minerals S.A.   (Greece)
    SABINA |Gold & Silver Corporation   (Canada)
    SABLE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    SABRE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    SACRE-COEUR Minerals Ltd.   (Canada and Guyana)
    SAGE Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    SAIS - South American Iron & Steel Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    SALAZAR Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Ecuador)
    SAMARANTA Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    SAMARCO S.A.   (Brazil, Hong Kong and Netherlands)
    SAMCO Gold Ltd.   (England)
    SAMEX Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    SAMM - South American Minerals Inc.   (USA)
    SAN GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    SAN MARCO Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    SANATANA Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    SANDFIRE Resources NL   (Australia)
    SANDSPRING Resources Ltd.   (USA)
    SANDSTORM Gold Ltd.   (Canada)
    SANTA FE Gold Corporation   (USA)
    SARACEN Mineral Holdings Ltd.   (Australia)
    SARISSA Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    SAS - St. Andrew Goldfields Ltd.   (Canada)
    SAT & Company JSC   (Kazakhstan)
    SATURN Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    SCANDINAVIAN Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Sweden)
    SCORPIO Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    SEA GREEN Capital Corporation   (Canada)
    SEABRIDGE Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    SEARCHGOLD Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    SEARCH Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    SECOVA Metals Corporation   (Canada)
    SEDEX Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    SEGUE Resources Ltd.n   (Australia)
    SELWYN Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    SEMAFO Inc.   (Canada, Barbados, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Niger)
    SEMMOUS LION Mining Ltd.   (Niger)
    SENATOR Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    SENNEN Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    SENTOSA Mining Ltd.   (Australia ; belongs to Discovery Group)
    SENTULA Mining Ltd.   (South Africa)
    SER - Strategic Energy Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    SERABI Gold Plc   (England)
    SERENGETI Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    SESA GOA Ltd.   (headquarters in India and offices in China and Liberia)
    SEVERSTAL Group   (Russia ; see mining operations)
    SHALKIYA Zinc Group   (Kazakhstan)
    SHANDONG GOLD Non-Ferrous Mining Group Co. Ltd.   (China)
    SHANDONG ZHAOJIN Group Co. Ltd.   (China - site only in chinese)
    SHANE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    SHANTA Gold Ltd.   (Guernsey/British Isles and Tanzania)
    SHARPE Resources Corporation   (USA)
    SHASTA Gold Corporation   (USA)
    SHAW RIVER Manganese Ltd.   (Australia)
    SHEAR Diamonds Ltd.   (Canada)
    SHEFFIELD S.A.   (Angola)
    SHELTERED OAK Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    SHENHUA Group Corporation Ltd.   (China)
    SHEN ZHOU Mining & Resources Inc.   (China)
    SHERRITT International Corporation   (headquarters in Canada and operations in Cuba, Indonesia, Madagascar, Pakistan and Spain)
    SHORE GOLD Inc.   (Canada)
    SHOSHONE Silver/Gold Mining Co.   (USA)
    SHOUGANG Hierro Peru S.A.A.   (Peru)
    SIBELCO Australia Ltd.   (Australia)
    SIBENERGOUGOL Ltd.   (Russia)
    SIENNA GOLD Inc.   (Canada and Peru)
    SIERRA MIRANDA S.C.M.   (Chile)
    SIERRA RUTILE Ltd.   (Sierra Leone)
    SIGNATURE Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    SIHAYO GOLD Ltd.   (Australia and Indonesia)
    SILVER BULL Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    SILVER DRAGON Resources Inc.   (Canada, China and Mexico)
    SILVER FIELDS Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    SILVER GRAIL Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    SILVER LAKE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    SILVER MINES Ltd.   (Australia)
    SILVER PREDATOR Corporation   (Canada)
    SILVER SPRUCE Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    SILVER STANDARD Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    SILVER SUN Resource Corporation   (Canada)
    SILVER SWAN Group Ltd.   (Australia)
    SILVER WHEATON Corporation   (Canada and Cayman Islands)
    SILVERADO Gold Mines Ltd.   (Canada and USA)
    SILVERCORP Metals Inc.   (Canada and China)
    SILVERCREST Mines Inc.   (Canada)
    SILVERMET Inc.   (Canada)
    SILVERMEX Resources Inc.   (Canada and Mexico)
    SIMMER & JACK Mines Ltd.   (South Africa)
    SINCHAO Metals Corporation   (Canada and Peru)
    SINO-CANADIAN Metals Inc.   (Canada and China)
    SINOSTEEL Corporation   (headquaters in China and subsidiaries in various countries
    SIPA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    SIRIUS Minerals Plc   (Australia, England and USA)
    SIROCCO Mining Inc.   (Canada and Chile ; belongs to the LUNDIN Group)
    SIYANDA Resources (Pty) Ltd.   (South Africa)
    SKEENA Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    SKYHARBOUR Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    SKYLINE Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    SLAM Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    SMC - Sinosteel Midwest Corporation   (Australia)
    SMM - Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. Ltd.   (headquarters in Japan and subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Solomon Islands and USA)
    SNIM - Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière   (France and Mauritania)
    SNOWFIELD Development Corporation   (Canada)
    SNR - Strategic Natural Resources Plc   (England and South Africa)
    Sociedad Minera CORONA S.A.   (Peru)
    Sociedad Minera EL BROCAL S.A.A.   (Peru)
    Sociedad Minera LAS CUMBRES S.A.C.   (Peru)
    Sociedad PUNTA DEL COBRE S.A.   (Chile)
    Sociedade Mineira de CATOCA Ltda.   (Angola)
    SOHO Resources Inc.   (Canada and Mexico)
    SOJITZ Corporation   (Japan)
    SOLFOTARA Mining Corporation   (Canada and Philippines)
    SOLID Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    SOLITAIRE Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    SOLITARIO Exploration & Royalty Corporation   (USA)
    SOLOMON GOLD Plc   (Australia and Solomon Islands)
    SOLOMON RESOURCES Ltd.   (Canada)
    SOLTERA Mining Corporation   (USA)
    SOLTORO Ltd.   (Canada)
    SOMINA - Société des Mines d'Azelik S.A.   (China and Niger)
    SONA Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    SONO Resources Inc.   (Canada and Botswana)
    SOUTH AMERICAN SILVER Corporation   (Bolivia, Canada, Chile and USA)
    SOUTH BOULDER Mines Ltd.   (Australia)
    SOUTHERN ANDES Energy Inc.   (Canada and Peru)
    SOUTHERN ARC Minerals Inc.   (Canada and Indonesia)
    SOUTHERN COPPER Corporation   (Mexico, Peru and USA ; belongs to MEXICO Group)
    SOUTHERN CROSS Exploration NL   (Australia)
    SOUTHERN GOLD Ltd.   (Australia)
    SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE Mining Ltd.   (Australia and Canada)
    SOUTHERN SILVER Exploration Corporation   (Canada)
    SOUTHGOBI Resources Ltd.   (Canada, Hong Kong and Mongolia)
    SOVEREIGN Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    SPANISH MOUNTAIN Gold Ltd.   (Canada)
    SPARTON Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    SQM - Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile   (corporate office in Chile and operations in more than 20 countries - see map)
    SRG - Scottish Resources Group Ltd.   (Scotland)
    ST. BARBARA Ltd.   (Australia)
    ST. ELIAS Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    STANS Energy Corporation   (Canada and Kyrgyzstan)
    STAR URANIUM Corporation   (Canada)
    STARCORE International Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    STARFIELD Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    STARFIRE Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    STEALTH Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    STELLAR DIAMONDS Plc   (England)
    STELLAR PACIFIC Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    STELLAR RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    STELMINE Canada Ltd.   (Canada)
    STERLING GROUP Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    STILLWATER Mining Co.   (USA - see MARATHON PGM-Cu project, in Canada)
    STINA Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    STIRLING RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    STONEHENGE Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    STONESHIELD Capital Corporation   (Canada)
    STORE NORSKE Spitsbergen Grubekompani   (Norway)
    STORNOWAY Diamond Corporation   (Canada)
    STRAIT GOLD Corporation   (Canada and Peru)
    STRAITS Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    STRATABOUND Minerals Corporation   (Canada)
    STRATECO Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    STRATEGIC METALS Ltd.   (Canada)
    STRATEGIC MINERALS Corporation NL   (Australia)
    STRATEX International Plc   (England, Ethiopia and Turkey)
    STRATHMORE Minerals Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    STRATTON Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    STRIKE MINERALS Inc.   (Canada)
    STRIKEPOINT Gold Inc.   (Canada)
    STRIKE RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    STRONGBOW Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    STRONGHOLD Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    STROUD Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    STRZELECKI Metals Ltd.   (Australia and Poland)
    SUEK - Siberian Coal Energy Co.   (Russia)
    SULLIDEN Gold Corporation Inc.   (Canada and Peru)
    SULTAN Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    SUMITOMO Corporation   (headquarters in Japan with subsidiaries in various countries ; see mineral resources and energy)
    SUMMIT Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    SUMO COAL Pty Ltd.   (South Africa)
    SUNDANCE Resources Ltd.   (Australia, Cameroon and Congo)
    SUNRIDGE Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    SUNRISE Resources Plc   (England)
    SUTTER Gold Mining Inc.   (USA)
    SYLVANIA Platinum Ltd.   (Australia, Bermuda and South Africa)
    SYNDICATE METALS Ltd.   (Australia)
    SYNERGY Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    TAKARA Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    TALISMAN Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    TALISON LITHIUM Ltd.   (Australia)
    TALON Metals Corporation   (Brazil, British Virgin Islands and Canada)
    TAMERLANE Ventures Inc.   (USA)
    TANAMI Gold NL   (Australia)
    TANQUERAY Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    TANTALUS Rare Earths AG   (Germany)
    TANZANIAN ROYALTY Exploration Corporation   (Canada, Tanzania and USA)
    TANZANITE ONE Mining Ltd.   (Bermuda and Tanzania)
    TAO Minerals Ltd.   (Colombia)
    TARA Minerals Corporation   (USA)
    TARANIS Resources Inc.   (headquarters in USA and operations in Canada and Finland)
    TARGET RESOURCES Plc   (England and Sierra Leone)
    TARSIS Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    TASEKO Mines Ltd.   (Canada)
    TASMAN Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    TAWANA Resources NL   (Australia)
    TEARLACH Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    TECK Resources Ltd.   (Canada, Chile, China, Peru and USA)
    TECO Coal Corporation   (USA)
    TEMBO Gold Corporation   (Canada and Tanzania)
    TEMEX Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    TENKE Fungurume Mining   (Congo; now belongs to LUNDIN Mining Corporation)
    TERAS Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    TERRACO Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    TERRAIN Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    TERRAMIN Australia Ltd.   (Australia)
    TERRENO Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    TERRITORY Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    TERTIARY MINERALS Plc   (England)
    TERYL Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    TEUTON Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    THABEX Ltd.   (South Africa)
    THELON Capital Ltd.   (Canada)
    THOMPSON CREEK Metals Co. Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    THOR Mining Plc   (Australia and England)
    THREEGOLD Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    THUNDELARRA Exploration Ltd.   (Australia)
    THUNDERMIN Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    TIGER International Resources Inc.   (USA)
    TIGER RESOURCES Ltd.   (Australia)
    TIGRIS Uranium Corporation   (Canada)
    TIMBERLINE Resources Corporation   (USA)
    TIME Mining & Processing Pty Ltd.   (South Africa)
    TIMMINS Gold Corporation   (Canada and Mexico)
    TINKA Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Peru)
    TINTINA Resources Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    TITANIUM Corporation   (Canada)
    TNG Ltd.   (Australia)
    TNR Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    TOLEDO Mining Corporation Plc   (England and Philippines)
    TONOGOLD Resources Inc.   (USA)
    TOP END URANIUM Ltd.   (Australia)
    TORCH RIVER Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    TOREX Gold Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    TORIAN Resources NL   (Australia)
    TORO Energy Ltd.   (Australia)
    TOSCA Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    TRAFFORD Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    TRAFIGURA Beheer B.V.   (headquarters in the Netherlands and subsidiaries in 27 countries)
    TRAKA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    TRANS-ASIA Oil and Energy Development Corporation   (Philippines)
    TRANS HEX Group Ltd.   (South Africa)
    TRANS-SIBERIAN Gold Plc   (England and Russia)
    TRELAWNEY Mining and Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    TRENDFIELD Holdings Ltd.   (Niger and China)
    TRES-OR Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    TREVALI Mining Corporation   (Canada and Peru)
    TRI ORIGIN Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    TRI-VALLEY Corporation   (USA)
    TRIAUSMIN Ltd.   (Australia)
    TRIBUNE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    TRILLIUM North Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    TRIO GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    TRIPLE PLATE Junction Plc   (England, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam)
    TRIVEÑO Mining Co.   (belongs to TRIVEÑO Corporation, Peru)
    TROON Ventures Ltd.   (Canada)
    TROY Resources Ltd.   (Australia, Argentina and Brazil)
    TROYMET Exploration Corporation   (Canada)
    TRUECLAIM Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    TRUE NORTH Gems Inc.   (Canada)
    TRUSCOTT Mining Corporation Ltd.   (Australia)
    TSODILO Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    TTM Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    TUC Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    TUMI Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    TVI Pacific Inc.   (Canada and Philippines)
    TWIN Metals Minnesota Llc   (USA)
    TYHEE Gold Corporation   (Canada)
    TYPHOON Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    U3O8 Corporation   (Canada)
    U3O8 Holdings Plc   (England)
    U3O8 Ltd.   (Australia)
    UC Resources Ltd.   (Canada and Mexico)
    UCIL - Uranium Corporation of India Ltd.   (India)
    UCL Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    UCM - Usibelli Coal Mine Inc.   (Alaska/USA)
    UCORE Rare Metals Inc.   (Canada)
    UEC - Uranium Energy Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    UEX Corporation   (Canada)
    UK COAL Plc   (England)
    ULAN Coal Mines Ltd.   (subsidiary of XSTRATA Coal - headquartered in Australia, has interests in over 30 coal mines operating in various countries - see map)
    ULTRA Lithium Inc.   (Canada)
    ULTRA URANIUM Corporation   (Canada)
    UMC Energy Plc   (England)
    UMG - United Minerals Group   (Ukraine)
    UMMC - Ural Mining and Metallurgical Co.   (Russia)
    UNICO Inc.   (USA)
    UNIGOLD Inc.   (Canada)
    UNITED URANIUM Corporation   (Canada)
    UNITED URANIUM Ltd.   (Australia)
    UNITY Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    UNIVERSAL GOLD Mining Corporation   (USA)
    UOG - United Orogen Ltd.   (Australia)
    URACAN Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    URAMERICA Ltd.   (Argentina and England)
    URANERZ Energy Corporation   (USA)
    URANEX NL   (Australia)
    URANIUM 308 Corporation   (USA)
    URANIUM Equities Ltd.   (Australia)
    URANIUM NORTH Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    URANIUM ONE Inc.   (Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, South Africa and USA)
    URANIUM RESOURCES Plc   (England and Tanzania)
    UraniumSA Ltd.   (Australia)
    URAVAN Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    UR-ENERGY Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    URSA MAJOR Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    URU Metals Ltd.   (South Africa)
    USAC - United States Antimony Corporation   (USA)
    USCORP   (USA)
    U.S. ENERGY Corporation   (USA)
    U.S. SILVER Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    U.S. STEEL Corporation   (USA)
    UXA Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    VAALDIAM Mining Inc.   (Canada and Brazil)
    VALE Base Metals   (Canada; belongs to the Brazilian company VALE S.A. which has subsidiaries in various countries)
    VALENCIA Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    VALGOLD Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    VALHALLA Resources Ltd.   (Canada, Romania and Turkey)
    VANE Minerals Plc   (England, USA and Mexico)
    VANGOLD Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    VANTEX Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    VATUKOULA Gold Mines Plc   (England and Fiji Island)
    VAULT Minerals Inc.   (Canada)
    VEDANTA Resources Plc   (England, with operations in Australia, India and Zambia)
    VENA Resources Inc.   (Canada and Peru)
    VENTURE Minerals Ltd.   (Australia)
    VENTUREX Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    VICTORIA GOLD Corporation   (Canada and USA ; alternative site)
    VICTORY NICKEL Inc.   (Canada)
    VICTORY RESOURCES Corporation   (Canada, Mexico and USA)
    VIGO Coal Co. Inc.   (USA)
    VIKING Gold Exploration Inc.   (Canada)
    VILLAGE Main Reef Ltd.   (South Africa)
    VIOR Inc.   (Canada)
    VIPR Industries Inc.   (USA)
    VIRGIN METALS Inc.   (Canada and Mexico)
    VIRGINIA ENERGY Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    VIRGINIA MINES Inc.   (Canada)
    VISIBLE GOLD Mines Inc.   (Canada)
    VISTA GOLD Corporation   (USA, Australia and Mexico)
    VITAL METALS Ltd.   (Australia and Burkina Faso)
    VMC - Vietnam Mining Corporation   (USA and Vietnam)
    VMS Ventures Inc.   (Canada)
    VOLCAN Compañía Minera S.A.A.   (Peru)
    VOLTA Resources Inc.   (Canada, Burkina Faso and Ghana)
    VOSTGOK - Vostochny Integrated Mining and Concentrating Plant   (Ukraine)
    VTM - China Vanadium Titano-Magnetite Mining Co. Ltd.   (Hong Kong/China)
    VULCAN MINERALS Inc.   (Canada)
    VVC Exploration Corporation   (Canada and Mexico)
    WALLBRIDGE Mining Co. Ltd.   (Canada)
    WALTER Energy Inc.   (Canada and USA)
    WAR EAGLE Mining Co. Inc.   (Canada)
    WARATAH Coal Pty. Ltd.   (Australia and Hong Kong/China)
    WASECO Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    WCP Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    WEALTH MINERALS Ltd.   (Canada)
    WEATHERLY International Plc   (England and Namibia)
    WELLSTAR Energy Corporation   (Canada)
    WESCAN Goldfields Inc.   (Canada)
    WESDOME Gold Mines Ltd.   (Canada ; see also its subsidiary MOSS LAKE Gold Mines Ltd.)
    WESIZWE Platinum Ltd.   (South Africa)
    WEST KIMBERLY Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    WEST WITS Mining Ltd.   (Australia)
    WESTCAN Uranium Corporation   (Canada)
    WESTERN AREAS NL   (Australia and Canada)
    WESTERN COPPER & GOLD Corporation   (Canada)
    WESTERN DESERT Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    WESTERN GOLDFIELDS Group Ltd.   (Nigeria)
    WESTERN LITHIUM Corporation   (Canada, Japan and USA)
    WESTERN MINING Co. Ltd.   (China ; website only in chinese)
    WESTERN PACIFIC Resources Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    WESTERN POTASH Corporation   (Canada and England)
    WESTERN SIERRA Mining Corporation   (USA)
    WESTERN TROY Capital Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    WESTGOLD Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    WESTMINSTER Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    WESTSTAR Resources Corporation   (Canada)
    WGI Heavy Minerals Inc.   (Canada, Germany, India and USA)
    W.H.Y.(West High Yield) Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    WHETSTONE Minerals Ltd.   (Jersey/Channel Islands and Zimbabwe)
    WHITE ENERGY Co. Ltd.   (Australia)
    WHITEHAVEN Coal Ltd.   (Australia)
    WHITE PINE Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    WHITE STAR Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Chile)
    WHITE TIGER GOLD Ltd.   (Canada)
    WHITE TIGER Mining Corporation   (Canada)
    WILDCAT Exploration Ltd.   (Canada)
    WILDCAT SILVER Corporation   (Canada)
    WILDHORSE Energy Ltd.   (Australia, England and Hungary)
    WILLIAMS CREEK Explorations Ltd.   (Canada)
    WIN-ELDRICH Mines Ltd.   (USA)
    WINDARRA Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    WITS BASIN Precious Minerals Inc.   (USA)
    WITS GOLD - Witwatersrand Consolidated Gold Resources Ltd.   (South Africa)
    WOLF MINERALS Ltd.   (Australia and England)
    WORLD TITANIUM Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    WORLD VENTURES Inc.   (Canada)
    WOULFE Mining Corporation   (Canada and South Korea)
    WPG Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    XEMPLAR Energy Corporation   (Canada)
    XINERGY Ltd.   (USA)
    XINWEN Mining Group Co. Ltd.   (China)
    XSTRATA Plc   (headquarters in Switzerland and operations in various countries - see worldwide websites)
    XSTRATA COPPER Plc   (part of the XSTRATA Group, operates in various countries : Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Philippines)
    XSTRATA ZINC Plc   (headquarters in Spain and operations in Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland and Peru)
    XTRA-GOLD Resources Corporation   (Canada and Ghana)
    YALE Resources Ltd.   (Canada)
    YAMANA GOLD Inc.   (Canada)
    YANCOAL Australia Ltd.   (Australia - also see its subsidiary )
    YANKEE HAT Minerals Ltd.   (Canada)
    YANZHOU Coal Mining Co. Ltd.   (China)
    YELLOWCAKE Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    YELLOW ROCK Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    YINFU GOLD Corporation   (Hong Kong/China)
    YNG - Yukon-Nevada Gold Corporation   (Canada and USA)
    YORBEAU Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    YTC Resources Ltd.   (Australia)
    YUKON ZINC Corporation   (Canada)
    ZAMBEZI Resources Ltd.   (Australia and Zambia)
    ZAMBIA COPPER Investments Ltd.   (Bermuda and Luxembourg)
    ZAMIA Metals Ltd.   (Australia)
    ZHAOJIN Mining Industry Co. Ltd.   (China - website only in chinese)
    ZHARTAS Llc   (Kazakhstan)
    ZHEJIANG TIANJIANG Mining Co. Ltd.   (China)
    ZHONGJIN Gold Corporation Ltd.   (China - website only in chinese)
    ZIMPLATS - Zimbabwe Platinum Mines Ltd.   (Guernsey/Channel Islands, Zimbabwe and Australia)
    ZINCCORP Resources Inc.   (Canada)
    ZINCO Mining Corporation   (Canada and Mexico)
    ZINCORE Metals Inc.   (Canada and Peru)
    NOTES : Here are related the main junior and senior mining companies which have their own websites. Capital letters highlight the names by which these companies are better known worldwide. In parentheses, after the names of the companies, are the countries where the headquarters and main offices are located (most enterprises have mining properties and offices in other countries).
Petroleum and gas prospecting companies have not been listed in this directory.
Should you be interested in knowing the addresses and other contact data of the companies here listed, please look for links in their websites. We suggest you may also complement the information here provided by searching other directories, for example : AditNow (see mines and quarries) ; AME Group /Australia (aluminium ; copper ; gold ; iron ore ; lead ; nickel ; zinc) ; AZOMining/Australia ; BGS Directory of Mines and Quarries/Reino Unido ; CAMIMEX/Mexico ; ChinaMining ; Companies in Peru (directory in spanish : iron ore ; non ferrous metallic minerals ; stones, sand and clays and for the exploration of other types of mines) ; DirecMin/Mining Companies in Chile ; InfoMine Global (you may search by company and by country) ; MBendi (company directory - may be searched by type of activity, for example mining  or  by country, for example mining in Europe); MineralMundi (mines are organized by country) ; Minería del Peru (in spanish); Minería en Bolivia/Guia-Amarilla (in spanish) ; Minería en Chile ; Mines and Communities (presents selected articles by company or by country or by mineral) ; MiningExpo/Russia (in russian) ; Mining in Zambia ; Mining World/Mines and Quarries ; Northernminer (site 1 and site 2) ; Portal Minero/Chile and Peru (in spanish) ; Raw Materials Group (its proprietary database contains around 22,000 entities : mines, smelters, refineries, projects, companies, countries, industry associations and government agencies) ; Russia Metal-EXPOs (see exhibitors list and contact data) ; SEDAR/Canada (see public companies listed by alphabetical order, by clicking on each letter).

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