Laser Materials Processing Virtual Forum
Managed by Dr. Milton Lima, Photonics Group / Institute for Advanced Studies (IEAv), Aerospace Technological Center (CTA), SŃo JosÚ dos Campos - SP, Brazil.  See the  Forum folder  !

This forum - a source of technical, product and service information about industrial lasers and their applications, and as a discussion medium between laser experts and the materials community worldwide - discussed all aspects of laser-material interactions and processes, including: (i) Basic light-matter interactions ; (ii) Calculation and experimentation on heat transfer during laser processing ; (iii) Laser machining (cutting, drilling, marking, scribing, etc.) ; (iv) Laser welding ; (v) Laser surface treatment ; (vi) Ultra-short pulse processing ; (vii) Laser rapid prototyping ; (viii) Laser safety and practices ; (ix) New trends and developments in laser processing.

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Laser-assisted arc welding

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Article on hybrid welding

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Congress : World of Photonics

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Congress : Applied Physics

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Infrared cameras and SARS

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Stent development in Brazil

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Reinventing the (fifth) wheel

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New laser cladding process

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Free-Electron Laser Program

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Conference : Photonics 2004

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Job Announcement

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Conferences (Australia, China)

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LIBS flights against terror

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Scholarships for Latin America

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EULASNET Consortium

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Students recruited at Tennessee

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This Laser Materials Virtual Forum is temporarily suspended.

Asbestos Virtual Forum
Directed by Prof. Dr. Fathi Habashi , UniversitÚ Laval, Quebec, Canada.

IMAAC is promoting this Virtual Forum, hoping it will be a useful tool for dicussing all matters related to asbestos. Below you will find some interesting files and any queries should be directly addressed to  or  to


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Review article

Asbestos Update

Asbestos fibers in packed parallel arrangement

Figure 1

Typical asbestos fibers rolled up like a scroll

Figure 2

Hydrated asbestos fibers

Figure 3

Example of chelation

Figure 4

Structure of the dyes used


L'amiante moins toxique - c'est possible !

Asbestos Q.Sc.

Enlightened Monarchs, Science and Culture

Hist. Metallurgy

L'amiante au banc des accusÚs (from the Archives of Radio-Canada: 1977-2000)

Interviews in French

Talc pneumoconiosis in Brazil: the soapstone dust composition showed breathable asbestos fibers

Article in Portuguese

Asbestos kills 3,000 people per year in France

Article in Portuguese

Cement Forum
Held on November 20-22 / 2000, in Beijing, People's Republic of China. The conclusions and recommendations from this event are transcribed in the "Beijing Declaration 2000".

Copper Forum
Held on October 23 - November 3 / 1999, in Portugal and Spain. A joint initiative from IMAAC and CYTED that has given opportunity for international experts to meet, discuss and propose solutions to the challenges posed by the sustainability in the mineral extraction industry. This Forum emphasized the copper case, with the specific focus at copper-pyrite zones of the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula - the largest copper producing area in Europe. "Technological Challenges Posed by Sustainable Development : The Mineral Extraction Industries" - a book edited by Villas B˘as and Fellows Filho - is the result of the discussions and reflections held in the course of the mentioned event.